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An overall graphics enhancer for Deus Ex Human Revolution that removes the yellow tint from the game. Includes tweaked colors, bloom, sharpening and (optionally) DOF effects.

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Please note that some effects (like FilmGrain, Chromatic Aberration or DoF) are not for everyone, but they can be easily disabled. My main goal was to remove the ugly yellow tint the developers felt like adding to the game. I also made the world somewhat more vibrant, but if it's too much for you, go to Lightroom settings, find Global Saturation and Global Vibrance and turn them down as you please.


• Download ReShade at .
• Install it for DXHRDC.exe (use Dx11). Make sure to have the following shaders installed: ChromaticAberration.fx, Tonemap.fx, AmbientLight.fx,  qUINT_lightroom.fx, Clarity.fx, Prism.fx, FXAA.fx, SMAA.fx, qUINT_sharp.fx, qUINT_dof.fx, qUINT_bloom.fx, PPFX_SSDO.fx, FilmGrain.fx.
• Extract the preset .ini to the game directory.
• Run the game, select the preset. Enjoy.
• (Optionally) hit K to enable/disable DoF.