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Augmentations cost and radar "fix"

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This mod is changing the cost of augmentations, now u can't be super efficient in every aspect so invest praxis wisely.

- Removes Radar 1 ability from the beginning but if u like it u can buy it (lv1 4prax and 5 prax lv2)
  P.S. Cooldown timer, cones of vision and noise feedback not working without Radar 1
  (Try to play without radar at Give me deus ex difficulty and u will have tons of fun)

- Added sprint boost after investing in cyber leg

- Added hyperoxy lv1 after investing in rebreather

So first u need to download this archive http://mod.gib.me/deusex3dc/modhook+map-select+debug-menu_2.0.0.0_patch1.7z
backup DFEngine.dll in the game directory(same dir as DXHRDC.exe) Copy DFEngine.dll from modhook+map-select+debug-menu_2.0.0.0_patch1.7z archive in to the game directory(same dir as DXHRDC.exe).

Second: download Augs cost_radar stuff-1-0-1.7z from the Files section, cop
y mods dir from Augs cost_radar stuff-1-0-1.7z archive in to the game directory(same dir as DXHRDC.exe).

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