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Allows warping to other archstones from within a level. This includes your current archstone, giving you a quick way to restore HP/MP and reset enemies. Also includes the ability to two-hand weapons in the left hand (does not use the full moveset correctly)

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Download and unpack the release. If using the latest version, you can just copy the .sdat files from the script folder for the mod of your choice to the script directory of your game (make sure to backup game files first). You can also download my patching tool DeSPatcher, and replace the mod folder with the latest version. Run the DeSPatcher.exe and browse to the game's script directory (PS3_GAME\USRDIR\script). Select a mod version from the mod menu and click apply patches.

Changing versions
Same as above, but remove patches before applying a different patch.


Warpmod (formerly warpmod B)
Allows warping from one archstone to any other archstone in the game that has been unlocked. Walk up to an archstone, and press the switch button to cycle through the different level menu prompts.

Same as warpmod. Includes the ability to hold your left-hand weapon in both hands by double-tapping the interact button. Pretty buggy, as the rolling, backstep, and running attacks will be based off the right-hand weapon's moveset.

Cheat mode
The first archstone for each world are available right away without defeating the Phalanx and talking with the Monumental.

No Cheat mode
Normal progression. All levels only unlocked after defeating the Phalanx and talking with the Monumental.