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Crystal Lizards behave like in Dark Souls: Their dancing animation no longer permanently despawns them, only killing them does.

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Demon's Souls is unforgiving with its main source of rare upgrade materials. Crystal lizards only respawn if you kill a level boss, and letting them disappear is equivalent to killing them (killing a boss increments the respawn counter, killing a lizard or letting them escape decreases it). It is very easy to miss a one-in-a-playthrough opportunity to get certain upgrade materials without even realizing it.

This mod makes this mechanic a lot more forgiving by making lizards behave exactly like in Dark Souls. Letting them escape no longer decreases the respawn counter, only killing them does. This is achieved via a very simple modification of the dancing animation events.

There are a lot more crystal lizards in DeS than in Dark Souls however, so for balance' sake I'm planning to eventually achieve the same lizard behavior as seen in the remake, where the dance animation does not decrease the respawn counter, but receiving damage does. Unfortunately, DSAnimStudio currently does not work correctly with DeS animations, and this change would require it.

This mod is going to be part of an upcoming gameplay overhaul I'm working on.

Installation: Drop the "chr" folder from the zip into the USRDIR folder of the game and overwrite.

Compatibility: This mod is highly compatible because it only changes a single animation file that to my knowledge all other current mods leave untouched.