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A simple textures mod I made that changes the appearance of Sam into Batman's Joker.

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-= How to install the mod =-

First of all, I strongly recommend you to BACKUP your BIN files in the DATA folder.
("G:\Games\PC\Steam\steamapps\common\Death Stranding\data" for example)

Now, you'll need Jayveer's Decima Explorer tool, which you can find right here:
Create a folder anywhere you want and name it "repack" (or whatever you want).
The end result should be something like this:
"G:\Games\PC\Steam\steamapps\common\Death Stranding\repack"

Unzip my "Death-Stranding-Joker-Textures-Mod-by-TrikzMe.ZIP" into the "repack" folder.
Then open a command line window:
    Press Windows+R to open the "Run" box.
    Type "cmd" and then click "OK" to open a regular Command Prompt.
    Type "cmd" and then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open the Command Prompt in administrator mode.
Get the current "DecimaExplorer.exe" path, in my case it's:
"G:\Games\PC\Steam\steamapps\common\Death Stranding\tools\Jayveer\DecimaExplorer.exe"

Once you get the exact path, type this into the CMD window:
    "cd /d "G:\Games\PC\Steam\steamapps\common\Death Stranding\tools\Jayveer\""

All we need to do now is repacking our BIN file with the modified files, to do so let's type:
    "DecimaExplorer.exe -repack "G:\Games\PC\Steam\steamapps\common\Death Stranding\data\7017f9bb9d52fc1c4433599203cc51b1.bin" "G:\Games\PC\Steam\steamapps\common\Death Stranding\repack""

Your "7017f9bb9d52fc1c4433599203cc51b1.bin" file got edited, now run the game and let me know what you think of my work ;)

-= Tutorial =-

-= Credits =-

Death Stranding assets are property of Sony and Kojima Productions.
This release has no relation with the companies previously mentioned and all credits belong to the respective artists and owners.
Modder/Artist: TrikzMe
Decima Explorer by: Jayveer (