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This is cheat table (.CT) requires Cheat Engine (7.2 or later) to be used in conjunction with Death Stranding Director's Cut to allow modifying of game memory without running internal mods

Permissions and credits
High player speed - more high movement speed for your personage

High jump - your personage can jump more high

Flying - your personage can fly

Soft landing - more gradually and slow landing

Bike speed - bike ride more fast, but turn speed become also higher ...

Fast bike - bike ride fast, but this increase any him horizontal speed ...

Fast flying bike - you can fast fly on bike

Infinite bike battery - possibility ride on bike very long time

Infinite bike health - long life for your bike

Flying bike - you can fly on bike

Bike soft landing - more gradually and slow landing for bike

Infinite health - health 
never decrease

Infinite stamina - stamina never decreaze

Infinite oxygen - oxygen never decrease

Infinite boots - same boots can be in using very long time

Infinite suit battery - infinite bettery for suit

Minimize bb stress - bb stress never increase

Infinite ammo - always many ammo in weapon

Many chiral crystals - can add more chiral crystals

Materials on terminal - possibility add matelias in terminal

Current weight - possibility minimize current weight

Container health - infinite durability containers

Baggage health - infinite durability carried items

No death after falling - your personage now not die after falling

Light colors - added possibility choose color light for constructions and vehicles 

Camera distance - possibility chose any distance for camera view  

By default i do it like first person view

Custom FOV - possibility change FOV 

Player coordinates - you can change location personage

also you can assign hotkeys for on and off flying scripts

script which called "light colors" change color light only vehicles and lamps on slope

because in other case game regularly get crash, but i found very simple method

for change color light constructions need when you are in main menu find unique sequence of bytes

which located in comments or in "addition to table", need search as array of bytes

if you else not was on map, then it show only one result, now open in memory window this place

and choose show like float, here you see 4 values, brightness, red, green and blue channels

these values are static for all game session, and if you again decide change some value

for see result need just load any previous save

slightly other situation with Sam odradek and bracelet, need search sequence when map are loaded

even in this case programm find only fev results, therefore it not must broke your game 

you need replace several sequences in one time, when they looks as hexadecimal ...

but this not problem, here you can convert values 

recommend hold "shift" key, for select many sequences and editing their all in one time

also you need only addresses which looks much more than 20xxxxxxxxx, for example as 49xxxxxxxxx

script which change movement speed, have bug if for climb on object use jump, personage drop down through ground, 

by this reason not press jump key when speed script are activated

not run cheat engine, if you play games which have protection secure,  because some anticheat services, for example EAC, can scanning running processes on your PC, if you always remember about this, then all must was good

How To Use

  • Download CE from official website
  • Download Table from Nexus
  • Start the game
  • Run and Attach CE to ds.exe process
  • Load downloaded table
  • Use to your hearts content