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Retexture of Sam's face, making him look younger.

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The mod makes Sam a bit younger.


1) Make the backup of "7017f9bb9d52fc1c4433599203cc51b1.bin"file, located in Death Stranding\data folder. This is essential to do, since otherwise you won't be able to uninstall the mod;
2) Download the mod, unpack it somewhere you want;
3) Go to mod folder, find "DecimaExplorer_Pack.bat" file and open it with Notepad (preferably with Notepad++);
4) Change "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Death Stranding\data\7017f9bb9d52fc1c4433599203cc51b1.bin" line to your actual Death Stranding installation path and "C:\Mods\DS\Younger Sam Mod\repack" to the path where "Younger Sam mod" folder is located in your case:

5) Save the file, exit Notepad and double click on it ("DecimaExplorer_Pack.bat")
6) Wait unless the packing be over (it may take a few minutes), don't close the console window unless you see "press ant key to exit..." message;
7) That's all, start the game.


Replace "7017f9bb9d52fc1c4433599203cc51b1.bin" file, located in Death Stranding\data folder with the backup you made earlier. In case you didn't do that, the only way to undo the mod is to reinstall the game.