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This pack add exclusive 4k looks ,clothes, effects and more for the characters/actors of the game. Around 80 textures edited

Permissions and credits

Actor Mod Pack details :

- Body tattoos for Sam
- Darker and green retextured of the begining travel suit for Sam
- White begining t-shirt for Sam
- Red monster energy t-shirt + red adidas pant for Sam
- Blue and improved quality of Sam eyes 
- Added special brightness-rain effect for the blue standard travel suit for Sam

- White-red cloth for Fragile
- White ending cloth for Fragile
- Exclusive bridges jacket + white pants for Deadman
- Exclusive chiral jacket + new trausers for Heartman
- Soldier wolf cloth look for Mama
- Blue dress + blue shoes for amelie + same blue eye as Sam
- The ending black dress of Amelie is now golden + golden shoes
- Improved eye effects of Higgs and the mantle with new red effects
- Retextured white-black Die-Hardman + white skull mask
- New jacket cloth and dark purple hair for Lockna

Optional files :

- Pure red Fragile : Red cloth + red hair + red lips for Fragile
- Older Fragile : Green-White cloth + old look-hair for Fragile
- Deadman green retextured : Green retextured jacket + pant for Deadman
- Mama 5th Element : Mama unique cloth (Tribute to the "The Fifth Element") (Made by khaness)
- Blonde Amelie : older blonde hair

Install :

1.Recomended make a backup of death stranding/data folder ( needed if want uninstall the mod )
2.Extract the mod in your desktop for exemple
3.Click in repack.bat
4.Now copy this comands in the black window with YOUR REAL PATHS :

decimaexplorer.exe -repack "C:\Path\to\Death Stranding\data\fcd4b5918cea9a220c0da171bb60c214.bin" "C:\Path\to\Decima-Explorer-master\repack"
decimaexplorer.exe -repack "C:\Path\to\Death Stranding\data\3460515fd6d930b689143a8b9a51a060.bin" "C:\Path\to\Decima-Explorer-master\repack"
decimaexplorer.exe -repack "C:\Path\to\Death Stranding\data\c0306eef15c4b5122ab61a834f80d743.bin" "C:\Path\to\Decima-Explorer-master\repack"
decimaexplorer.exe -repack "C:\Path\to\Death Stranding\data\acc0d12f571a5b85f368497756cbcd3c.bin" "C:\Path\to\Decima-Explorer-master\repack"
decimaexplorer.exe -repack "C:\Path\to\Death Stranding\data\40fb866e44aec444200cdb0c384cf5a5.bin" "C:\Path\to\Decima-Explorer-master\repack"
decimaexplorer.exe -repack "C:\Path\to\Death Stranding\data\477e458b2c825633499874678a2b9ea5.bin" "C:\Path\to\Decima-Explorer-master\repack"
decimaexplorer.exe -repack "C:\Path\to\Death Stranding\data\7017f9bb9d52fc1c4433599203cc51b1.bin" "C:\Path\to\Decima-Explorer-master\repack"

Here is an example of the 1st comand with my REAL PATH :
decimaexplorer.exe -repack "C:\Program Files (x86)\Death Stranding\data\fcd4b5918cea9a220c0da171bb60c214.bin" "C:\Users\Veironn\Desktop\Decima-Explorer-master\repack"

Each comand needs around 1-2 mins to be completed so be patient and dont worry about the "ignore" messages
Once all comands finish you can close the black window and launch the game

Notes :

- This mods works in all game cutscenes except in 3-4 short pre-rendered cutscenes (sam beach flashbacks and game intro)
- If someone dont want install one of the actors mod , you can delete the actor folder inside the "repack\ds\models\characters" before install.
For exemple if dont want install the Heartman mod , only need to delete the "htm_heartman" folder before install
- The holograms still the same as the original

Big thanks to Jayveer for the Decima Explorer tool and TrikzMe for the modding tutorials
Thanks also khaness for test in cutscenes