Dead State
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Running low on supplies? Cant find a certain weapon? Search no more, for here you will find the looting fields of Levelers Campground the Field of Dreams.
Includes extra goodies for Advanced users. Please see the readme file.

Permissions and credits
Levelers Campground
~Field of Dreams~
by WillieSea
Running low on supplies? Can't find a certain weapon? Search no more, for here you will find the looting fields of 'Levelers Campground'!
Adds dozens of lootable containers to the "Human Campsite" that is just South West of the School that you have made your base.
As an added bonus, advanced computer users can also add changes to the way the game works, such as:
01. Loot Tables have an increase in the amount of items spawned in a container.
02. Car upgrades, increased fuel tank, power and miles per gallon.
03. Slightly faster foot, horse and car speed.
04. Harvesting time cut to 1 hour instead of 2.
05. Grant will not show up intil after day 80.
06. Paul will show up as early as day 5.
07. Workday begins at 6am and goes to 9pm.
08. Car storage increased to 400 pounds.
09. Teach Michiru English down to 200 hours.
+++GEN_Campsite Events.cs.dso
10. Every time you 'enter' combat, the main player character will get 10 parts, 10 fuel, 2 antibiotics, 25 of each bullet type and 5 skill points.
    Make sure you have enough capacity to carry the added loot.
11. Increased start stats for some of the NPC's to make them more useful, or better fighters.
12. Improved stats for the Swat gear, riot helmet, construction boots, hunting rifle, sniper rifle and carbon fiber bat.
13. Lowered weight on a bunch of storage items so you can carry more.

Make backups of files before making changes. I will not be held responsible for issues with your game when using these modified files.
1. Navigate to the Dead State folder in your steam directory: \Steam\SteamApps\common\Dead State\
2. Navigate to the \levels\ folder and make a copy of the file "GEN_Campsite.mis". You will use this backup to remove this mod.
3. Copy the file from this mods folder 'levels' to this location to install the mod.
4. Play the game and travel to the Human Campsite.
5. Make sure you have 'container view' turned on (Press the 'Z' key) because there is no visual representaion for the containers.

All users - Simply copy the \levels\GEN_Campsite.mis file to your Steam game folder. You might want to backup the original file first.
(Or just rename the original file from "GEN_Campsite.mis" to "GEN_Campsite.mis.BAK". Then copy the modded file to this folder.
Advanced users - You should have 7z installed (or its equivalent and know how to use it).
1. Navigate to the Dead State folder in your steam directory: \Steam\SteamApps\common\Dead State\
2. Copy the "scripts.aod" file and make a backup of it. You will use your backup to remove this mod.
3. Right-click on the file "scripts.aod", move your mouse over '7z' on the list that pops up, and then click on 'Open Archive' in the next list.
4. All the files in this mods folder 'scripts' can be added to the same folders in the "scripts.aod" file to implement them. See the notes above for what each file does.
5. After you have copied the modified files you want, close 7z and play the game to see the changes.

Copy your backup files over the top of the modified files.

The game is still full of them as of Jan 2015. Since this modifies only the Human Campground, by adding a bunch of loot, there should be no problems.

DoubleBear Production - Iron Tower games ~for~ making the game.
WillieSea ~for~ modifying the files and making this readme file.
YojimBeau ~for~ the name 'Field of Dreams'.

Reusage Policy:
I can't say that I care what you do with these files. If you reuse them in your own mods, credit would be nice but not necessary.

Change log:
Jan/02/2015 - Mod creation
Jan/04/2015 - v1.1 - Added visible containers to campground. Added Chicken coops. Changed loot spawned on combat start.