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Removes camera backlight.

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This is an injectable proxy .dll that patches the game camera backlight entity at runtime to disable it.
Camera backlight is an artificial light source in form non-shadow casting spotlight attached to the camera ensuring that player and immediate surroundings always stay lit at a certain level. Whilst helpful for gameplay purposes, it doesn't seem fitting for a horror game and breaks immersion by making Isaac stand out against the darker environments in areas with no real light sources.

Drop into your Dead Space remake directory (same folder as Dead Space.exe)
If You hear a beep, then it means the pattern was found and patched. Once that happens, reload a save in menu and the backlight will be removed.
You can tweak patch delay in DeadSpacePatch.ini under PatchDelayMS, the values are in miliseconds (1000 = 1 second), the value is eyeballed to work well with SSDs, on slower drive like HDD You may need to increase this value.
In general setting it lower does not change anything besides increasing risk of failure by trying to find the pattern too early. Even if the pattern is found
Reloading a save is always needed to make the camera read the new settings and not enable the backlight.

To uninstall, simply remove dinput8.dll from the game directory.

This was tested with EA/Origin version of the game.