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Return to Titan is a free texture pack (using Texmod) that adds lore-friendly skins for suits, weapons, and interactables to spice up your playthrough.

Permissions and credits
Currently, Return To Titan is a WIP and every suit or weapon skin is not complete yet.
See list below for details.

You'll need a copy of Texmod, and a Steam or Origin copy of Dead Space 2 to make it work. If you only want the suits, weapons, or interactable skins then you can download and launch one or two packs only in whatever combination you like.


New suits replace existing variant skins in the game. Eventually, every variant will have a new skin and the default for each suit will receive higher resolution textures and some small tweaks.

CEC Engineering Suit -> WIP
Elite Eng -> Hi-Vis Engineering Suit
Hazard Suit -> Heavy Systems Engineering Suit
Forged Eng -> Technical Engineering Suit
Security Suit -> WIP
Elite Sec -> Fleet Security Suit
Riot Sec ->  TBA
Earthgov Suit-> Gunner Suit
Triage Suit-> Ravaged Suit
Arctic Suit-> Mars Suit
Soldier Suit-> Jovian Veteran Suit
Patrol Suit*->  WIP
Zealot Suit*-> WIP
Vintage -> WIP
Heavy Duty Vin -> Marine Vintage Suit or promo suit?
Bloody Vintage -> Relic Vintage Suit
Elite Vintage -> Retrofit Vintage Suit
Advanced Suit->
Agility Adv -> Testbed Advanced Suit
Shockpoint Adv -> WIP
Elite Adv -> WIP
Hacker Suit -> WIP

* = Not accessible without a save editor like the DS2 PC Save Editor to unlock 

Every Weapon will receive a new skin. See list for details.

Plasma Cutter  -> TBA
Agility Plasma Cutter  -> TBA
Forged Plasma Cutter  -> TBA
Refurbished Plasma Cutter -> TBA

Rivet Gun - > TBA
Agility Rivet Gun -> Overclocked Rivet Gun

Javelin Gun  -> TBA
Bloody Javelin Gun  -> Wetwork Javelin Gun
Triage Javelin Gun  -> Fabricated Javelin Gun

Contact Beam -> TBA
Hacker Contact Beam -> WIP
Heavy-Duty Contact Beam -> EVA Contact Beam

Force Gun -> TBA
Bloody Force Gun  ->
Zealot Force Gun*  -> Lunar Force Gun

Line Gun  ->
Forged Line Gun  ->
Hazard Line Gun  -> Full Metal Line
Heavy-Duty Line Gun  ->

Seeker Rifle -> Active Duty Seeker Rifle
Earth Gov Seeker Rifle  -> Veteran Seeker Rifle
Patrol Seeker Rifle*  -> TBA

Pulse Rifle  -> EVA Pulse
Agility Pulse Rifle  -> Vendetta Pulse
EarthGov Pulse rifle  ->  Military Pulse

Flamethrower  -> Aftermarket Flamethrower
Bloody Flamethrower  -> TBA

Ripper  -> TBA
Forged Ripper  -> WIP
Shockpoint Ripper -> WIP

Detonator  -> TBA
Heavy Duty Detonator  -> WIP
Earthgov Detonator  -> WIP


Changes the color of lootable boxes, and lockers, node containers, etc. to stand out a little more. Not necessarily better than the default colors, just a small change of preference. Also adds some color to the Bench.

How To
There are better tutorials out there but here's a small text tutorial in the interim.

1. Download and extract Texmod to the same folder as the Dead Space 2 executable.
2. Download the skin packs you'd like from here.
3. Rename the DeadSpace2.exe to something slightly different Like DeadSpace2 .exe
4. Rename Texmod to the same name as the executable used to be: DeadSpace2.exe
5. Launch the renamed Texmod.
6. After launching texmod go back to the folder with both texmod and Dead Space 2. Undo or through other means change the application names back to what they used to be.
7. In Texmod, click on the package mode tab. Select target application and select the Dead Space 2 executable. The small folder icon in the middle is where you will click to select the skin pack files you downloaded. After You've selected both, you can hit run and play the game as usual.