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A simple first person mod created for Dead Space (2008) using Cheat Engine

(Update 4.2)

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The core of this mod took a little over 5 days to create

The fine tuning of this mod is what took several months; to locate functions, compare variables, stabilize pointers, write bug free scripts, play-test, etc

Although initially started out of curiosity as to see what else I can do other than create a free cam and player fly mod for Dead Space (2008), this quickly grew into a first person mod project

Admittedly there were some frustrating times while making this mod, but overall I had a lot of fun creating this project

I hope that you guys enjoy playing/using this mod as much as I had fun making it

Other additional information are located in the read-me

This mod is not for everyone

This mod is not without its flaws

This mod is not for the faint of heart, snowflake or inexperienced player

This mod do not have the luxury of seeing Isaac's stats while in first person

Isaac may die a lot while you control him in first person, you're responsible for keeping him alive, if he dies that's on you

Switching to third person to take a quick glance at Isaac's stats I cannot stop you from doing, however, by doing so you'll be breaking the immersion of the
first person experience

Listen to Isaac's breathing, monitor his heart rate and sprint speed, stock up on health and stasis packs to use as often as needed

Get Gud

Some mods do work well with this First Person Mod

Some mods outright break the intended experience of this First Person Mod

Issues of camera clipping and seeing inside Isaac's suit when performing certain actions may arise when using other mods alongside this First Person Mod,
be aware of that