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A set of Reshade presets configured and tested by myself that alter the appearance of the game.
The main objective was to make Dead Space look darker, but a 'Bright' preset with enhanced visuals is also included.

Permissions and credits
A comparison between most of my presets:

A gameplay using DS-1-Dark-No_FG:

The screenshots have been taken while using the preset: 'DS-1-Dark-Soft_FG'
I recommend checking for new presets occasionally.
*You can also check my Reshade presets for Dead Space 2 here*

\ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ RE:AD F-IRST / / / / / / / /

///////////////////////////// Instructions:

-Download Reshade from, run it, select your Dead Space .exe archive located in your Dead Space folder (Example: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Dead Space').
-Extract the .rar file into your Dead Space folder.
-Open the game, press the key 'Home' on your keyboard, follow the tutorial and select the preset you want.

///////////////////////////// Description:

- There are four 'Dark' presets and a 'Bright' one:
- The 'Dark' ones include a Film Grain effect that is 'Strong' in two, 'Soft' in one, and deactivated in another one.
- The 'DS-1-Dark-Strong_FG-Comic.ini' preset includes a 'Comic' effect, and its Film Grain effect is 'Strong', but you can deactivate it.
- The 'Bright' preset comes without Film Grain effect and doesn't darken the game.
- I've added a new preset called 'DS-Nightmare'. It's just an experiment.

I've added ambient occlusion to the presets ([PPFX] & [MXAO]). Now you can download either the version with and the one without it.

* The .ini files' names:

*I do not recommend using any preset with 'Strong' FG in the beginning of the game, that is in the first spaceship before arriving at the USG Ishimura*

///////////////////////////// E_n_j_o_y /////////////////////////////