Dead Rising 3
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Stronger Psychos? Deadlier Zombies? Capable Companions? Longer Quest Times? Why aren't you downloading this already?

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Collection of mods and tweaks to give to you the true sequel to Dead Rising 2.
Download available HERE ON MODDB
Dead Rising 3 in my eyes was just a few inches shy of being a true Dead Rising game.
Hordes of zombies were too simple to navigate and the psychos were put on Baby Mode. Not Anymore

  • Psychos take and deal more damage (You need food and combo weapons to survive)
  • Zombies more alert and dangerous (They're really hungry now)
  • Companions health and attack frequency boosted (They ruin boss fights, only use free-roam)
  • Quests have longer timers before expiring (You now have time to stretch your legs)
  • Annoying Special Zombies removed (Mostly) and camera FOV increased
  • NOTE: Best played with a fresh Lv1 character.. or chicken out and use your Lv50