Dead or Alive 6
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Replaces all Break Blow battle damage sweat with blood.

Permissions and credits
Future Plans
I'm planning on going through each character and adding "realistic" battle
damage, based on the characters fighting style. But that will take
forever. It's super time consuming just to make basic blood battle
damage. Momiji is an example of that.



 rdbtool, g1mtools and REDELBE

Team Ninja: For character models

qg1t tool

Rev_an on Twitch: For having me go back to the blood mods and made me realize
that I need to some how separate the Battle Damage files.

MaterialEditor: For manual installment, you must drop all of the "COSxxx". For an example, drop all "MPR_Muscle_Character_HYTCOS001_" and drop them into MaterialEditor.

Now blood can be seen from a far and during fights. No more flickering, fading, and messing with your graphics card.

Drop in Layer2 or drop in
Use Layer2 or MaterialEditor. Not Both.

All outfits are in "Pics" if you need to see what you like.