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Purna can carry more ammo and have a bigger backpack! more health!
Also Riptide Version!

Permissions and credits
Purna can carry normaly without skills 50 things in her backpack
Purna can carry 600 rifle ammo, 100 shotgun ammo and 175 pistol ammo
Purna has at lv 22 more health! (from vanilla 250 to modded 600; because zombies at their maximum level can kill you with !one! throwing knife)

Update: Added Riptide Version! (DIRDE)

Install: DIDE
1. Download "Better Purna"
2. Open "Better Purna"
3. Unpack "purna_levels.xml" ("Better Purna") to your desktop
4. Open "Data0.pak" from                             [...]Steam\steamapps\common\DIDE\DI !!with 7zip!!
5. Go to                                                       [...]Steam\steamapps\common\DIDE\DI\Data0.pak\data\skills\
6. Delete "purna_levels.xml" from                 [...]Steam\steamapps\common\DIDE\DI\Data0.pak\data\skills\ !!Make Backup!!
7. Copy "purna_levels.xml" (Desktop) into      [...]Steam\steamapps\common\DIDE\DI\Data0.pak\data\skills\)
8. Close "Data0.pak"                                    ([...]Steam\steamapps\common\DIDE\DI\Data0.pak\data\skills\)
9. Delete "purna_levels.xml" from your desktop
10. Enjoy

Install: DIRDE
1. Download "BetterPurnaRI"
2. Open "BetterPurnaRI"
3. Unpack "purna_levels.xml" ("BetterPurnaRI") to your desktop
4. Open "Data0.pak" from                            [...]Steam\steamapps\common\DIRDE\DIR !!with 7zip!!
5. Go to                                                      [...]Steam\steamapps\common\DIRDE\DIR\Data0.pak\data\skills\
6. Delete "purna_levels.xml" from                [...]Steam\steamapps\common\DIRDE\DIR\Data0.pak\data\skills\ !!Make Backup!!
7. Copy "purna_levels.xml" (Desktop) into     [...]Steam\steamapps\common\DIRDE\DIR\Data0.pak\data\skills\)
8. Close "Data0.pak"                                   ([...]Steam\steamapps\common\DIRDE\DIR\Data0.pak\data\skills\)
9. Delete "purna_levels.xml" from your desktop
10. Enjoy

Note: Do not play online!! No Modsupport from Techland!! (VAC) ban risk!
Usage at own risk! Use the right file for the right game version!