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Replaces the generic blue on gold and gold on blue license plates with a wide variety of handmade textures based on various common license plates seen in Oregon.

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The license plates in Days Gone aren't particularly detailed. Their designs are slightly reminiscent of certain specialty plates but overall are not what you would expect to see on every vehicle. This mod aims to change that by replacing them with detailed handmade Oregon license plates as well as a few out of state license plates that are fairly common to see.

License plates include:
Default Oregon
Oregon Trail
Oregon Salmon
Oregon Pacific Wonderland
Crater Lake National Park Centennial
Oregon Disabled Veteran
Default California
Default Washington State
Default Idaho

Unfortunately due to the nature of how the cars are in the game are made not everything will work perfectly. It's not unheard of to find a vehicle with an Oregon front plate and a California rear plate, or a police car with out of state license plates. I may sometime work on the government vehicles and commercial vehicles to see if I can find a way to force them to have the very distinct Oregon Exempt and Oregon heavy commercial plates, but that's beyond the scope of this mod.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE MODS SET UP here is a simple tutorial:
-Navigate to DaysGone\BendGame\Content
-rename "startuppackages.pak" to literally anything else. The game looks for
that exact file name, so changing a single character such as making it
"startuppackages1.pak:" should work.
-go to %localappdata%\Local\BendGame\Saved\Paks. If there is no Paks folder, simply make a new folder and title it Paks.
-extract the contents of this file to the aforementioned Paks folder
-launch game and test that the mod is working