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Max ammo increased for all weapons, all weapons of the same class share ammo.

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This is a very simple mod that was made by request.

This mod achieves two simple goals:
  • Make all weapons of same class (Rifles, SMGs, pistols etc) share ammo.
  • Increase max ammo count for almost all weapons as a result of them using same ammo.

You may be more interested in a more advanced mod from me Days Guns that includes features of this mod.

In prologue player has no ammo for pistol or shotgun. Ammo can be picked up as normal though.

This mod is likely fully incompatible with anything that edits Inventory_WeaponID5.uasset and Inventory_AmmoID6.uasset


  1. Go to where your game is installed (in Steam do RMB on game in library, then Manage > Browse local files) and go inside BendGame/Content.
  2. Rename the directory sfpaks to sfpaks_ or whatever. It is important to rename the sfpaks directory itself and not just startuppackages.pak file inside like some suggest.
  3. Now go to %LocalAppData%\BendGame\Saved (you can copy/paste this path) and create new directory Paks. It may already exists.
  4. Extract *.pak file from downloaded archive into newly created (or existing) Paks folder.
  5. That's it. You can launch the game now.


Days Guns - reimagination of existing weapons loadout system.
 - makes machete concealed carry and improves its durability drastically.
STFU - mutes a number of annoying and repetitive lines given by Deacon and various vendors.