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The Ultimate Weapon for killing the Horde. (UPDATE v2.0)

Permissions and credits
This mod will fix the minigun weapon 'The Growler' so it can be stored and used as a regular weapon.

Big update that fixes all known issues.
Fixed invisible grip & stock, and it will stay in your inventory after loading a save
Further improved weapon recoil control.
No recoil option also available.
Made an optional add-on that changes reticle style
Updated Early Shops add-on to also remove trust level required in early shops

Fixed invisible grip & stock bug but weapon goes back to locker after loading a save.

Thanks for the amazing work of NeroLigerzid we figured out how to fix weapon load-out to make it equip as Special weapon instead of Primary. And also fixed holstering animations.

Growler Evolved:
  • The Growler is now purchasable, storable and fully usable.
  • Available at the Wizard Island merchant.
  • Can restock ammo.
  • Improved Recoil control.
  • No Weapon Sway.
  • No Reticle bloom.
  • Growler Ultimate Evolved adds infinite ammo.
  • Growler Ultimate No Recoil adds infinite ammo & completely removes recoil.
  • Growler Primary changes gun to primary slot.
  • Different Reticle Add-on changes reticle style. (this is an add-on only)
  • Early Shops Add-on adds the growler to Hot Springs & Lost Lake merchants. (this is an add-on only)

  • Remember to only use one variant from the main files section.
  • The Early Shops add-on is just that -an add-on- and only adds the gun to early shops, you have to also install one of the main variants. It's safe to remove this add-on after you purchase the gun.
  • The Different Reticle add-on as well only changes the reticle style (assault rifle style), you still need to install one of the main variants. It's safe to remove this any time to restore original reticle.
  • All variants are incompatible with Weapon Restoration mod (regardless of load order), please buy the weapons you want from it first then uninstall Weapon Restoration and install any Growler variant you like.

Known issues:
In all versions the Growler will be bought & equipped as a Primary weapon (not Special). fixed in V1.5
When holstered it will probably clip a bit with whatever special weapon you have equipped. fixed in V1.5
I left the weapons stats untouched for now, I might update later with optional no sway, reticle bloom... etc
The weapon will -for whatever reason- be missing its grip & buttstock... I'm trying to fix that. fixed in V1.7
In v1.7 the weapon doesn't stay in Deacon's inventory after loading a save but stays in locker. fixed in V2.0

  • Unpack the .rar and copy .pak file from it to %LocalAppData%\BendGame\Saved\Paks

If this is your first mod then first:
  • Go to %LocalAppData%\BendGame\Saved\ & create a new folder and name it 'Paks'
  • Go to your Game installation folder, to "Days Gone\BendGame\Content" and rename the folder sfpaks to sfpakss