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This mod changes the prospective to first person for most of the actions that would most immersive.

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This is my first mod for a game so hopefully it goes well. I've tested different values for the cameras and this is what seems to work best for now. I will continue to perfect the mod and any requests or input that can make it better! These are some of the things I've changed and what I left the same for best immersive as the game was still built for 3rd person. 

Currently 3 versions:

1) FP view with FP melee, cover, bushes, and many other actions. 3rd person driving is kept. 
2) FP view with FP guns and 3rd person everything else. 
3) FP view ONLY with 3rd person everything else. 

* ADS is impossible. With the camera clipping, I just couldn't do it. If I find a workaround I'll post it late. Also, I can't code for shit so if anyone can help with a toggle I'm all ears. 

**If you want a custom version with certain things 1st or 3rd let me know on discord. medicbobs#7110


1) Go to your install folder where Days Gone is and go to Days Gone\BendGame\Content and rename sfpaks to sfpakss. 
2) go to AppData\Local\BendGame\Saved\Paks and drop the mod in there and ENJOY!

Please let me know about any major bugs or camera tweaks we can fix to make this mod more enjoyable.

Cashapp if you want to buy me a Yoohoo or some shit. $noplaymaker32