Dark Souls Remastered
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A clean, NG+ save for save duping.

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A clean, NG+ mule for save duping (only cheat used was "edit last bonfire rested at" for easy teleports).

The character starts in Undead Asylum, right after beating the game once.

Nothing in inventory initially, all items are found in the Bottomless Box:
  • All Consumables (99 qty, except for non-droppable/online items & incredibly difficult to farm items; Divine Blessing/Elizabeth's Mushroom/Coins/etc)
  • All NG+ transferable Key Items (Master Key, Bottomless Box)
  • All Spells (legitimately bought/obtained, including Covenant spells)
  • All Weapons (one of each, max upgrade-standard path, sorry twinks)
  • All Ammunition (999 qty)
  • All Armor (one of each, max upgrade)
  • All Rings (one of each)

All Bonfires Kindled to 20.

Name: c
Class: Hunter
Gift: None
Physique: Average
Face: Far East Traveler
Hair: Shaved
Color: Silver

Level: 5
VIT: 11
ATT: 9
END: 11
STR: 12
DEX: 14
RES: 11
INT: 10 (needed at least 10 INT to purchase every spell, sorry min-maxers)
FAI: 9