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About this mod

Demo of Dark Souls: Nightfall, a complete fan-made sequel to Dark Souls with new bosses, combat mechanics, characters, and world design.

Permissions and credits

Latest version: 1.3
Nightfall YouTube channel   
Nightfall Discord server

Known issues:

- Using the "Leave" option at wellsprings will cause a softlock. For now, press B to leave instead.
- Fighting the human NPC near the start of the demo may cause the game to crash randomly.

Dark Souls: Nightfall is a complete fan-made sequel to Dark Souls, in the form of a mod. This is a demo of Nightfall, which currently has no release date (but will be sometime after Elden Ring). Nightfall is a huge, collaborative, multi-year project being worked on by more than a dozen experienced modders of FromSoftware games and talented artists.

The demo represents a work in progress. In fact, we will be using feedback from this demo to make tweaks to the final release of Nightfall -- particularly feedback on the core combat mechanics. Please be constructive and charitable; we are fans working almost entirely for free, and our team runs entirely on your good vibes and kind words :)

Both the demo and the full release of Nightfall are for DARK SOULS: REMASTERED ONLY. We do not have the bandwidth to support Prepare to Die Edition in parallel, and in any case, it is likely too outdated to support all of the changes we're making.

You must play Nightfall offline to avoid being banned. In the full release, we will have internal measures in place to actively prevent players from being online, but for the demo, you will have to make sure of this yourself! The safest way to play is to go offline in Steam entirely.

Kind thanks to everyone who has expressed a wish to donate
. The team does not currently have a shared donation link for Nightfall, but will upon its full release. You can also support Meowmaritus and Grimrukh directly on Patreon.

1. Ensure you have the latest version of Dark Souls: Remastered on Steam.
2. Ensure your game installation is vanilla. You can verify your game files through Steam to guarantee this.
3. Go offline on Steam.

4. Download the mod and unzip it using 7-Zip. (We had to use 7-Zip because of Japanese file names.)
5. Run 
NightfallMod.exe. Follow the instructions, or read NightfallReadme.txt for more.

Team Nightfall is:

 -- Co-lead, world/map/quest/event design, lead dialogue writer
AinTunez -- Co-lead, producer, composer, voice casting
Meowmaritus -- Combat, animations, bosses
Dane Brennand -- 3D models, textures, cinematics, class tuning
geeeeeorge (king_bore_haha) -- Bosses, item design, enemy AI/behaviors
Zullie the Witch -- Story/character writer, lore consultant
Dropoff -- Map geometry editing
Stayd -- Map lighting
horkrux -- Modding tools, cutscenes
JZ -- Spells
Mireneye -- Character textures
project_zy -- Music
Itzli -- Animations
Mayhem -- Animations
Inglourious Hoko -- 3D models
Souv -- Textures

Voice credits:

(and more to be revealed upon full release)

Special thanks to:

thefifthmatt -- Playtesting
Fennrix -- Ideas and feedback
HotPocketRemix -- Discord moderation
JesterPatches -- Discord moderation
katalash -- Modding tools
wulf2k -- Modding tools