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Brings the button prompts from the Demon's Souls remake to Dark Souls™: Remastered.

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A recreation of the button prompts from the PS5 remake of Demon's Souls.
Now you can play Dark Souls with prompts designed for your DualSense controller!
or any controller you want, I'm not the button prompt police.

The mod replaces the texture files for the XInput controller in the game. This way you can use Steam's controller support or DS4Windows, and still have prompts matching your controller. Pressing the touchpad on the left opens the GESTURES MENU, the right opens the MENU. As was intended to be on PlayStation (you can still use the Create and Options buttons).

These are the different versions of the mod:

  • Touchpad w/ Highlight vs. Touchpad w/ Arrows:
    In the remake of Demon's Souls there are two different icons for the touchpad. One has a green highlight, this one shows up when you check a message left by another player. The other is seen on the character creator screen with a green arrow below it, I assume it means slide your finger on the touchpad rather than press? Both variants are available, choose the one you like the most. It's a pure aesthetic change.
  • 1024x1024 / 2048x2048 / 4096x4096:
  • The resolution of the prompts in Dark Souls™: Remastered are 1024x1024. I upscaled them up to 4096x4096 (or 4K if you want to call it that), this includes the weapon symbols for damage types.I recommend you go with the highest resolution.

Quick video (it's a GIF, but you get the gist) at the bottom.
  1. Download TKGP's DSR Texture Packer and Unpacker alongside this mod.
  2. Extract the two zip files you just downloaded to a folder of your preference (the two files should be named DSR TPUP 1.5-9-1-5.zip & font.zip).
  3. If you are not in the folder where you extracted the files, go to said folder.
  4. Cut or Copy the folder font --> open the folder DSR Texture Packer & Unpacker 1.5 --> open the folder Texture Override --> paste the folder font inside the Texture Override folder.
  6. Go one folder back (to the folder DSR Texture Packer & Unpacker 1.5) and run DSR-TPUP. You can run it as admin just in case, but it should not be necessary.
  7. Click on the Repack tab on top if not there already.
  8. Below Browse & Explore, click on Repack.
  9. Wait for the progress to complete.
  10. You're done! There should be a message telling you what files were replaced and "Repacked 7 textures in 7 files!"
         You can delete everything you downloaded after installation.

Why use XInput and not DirectInput?
If you don't use Steam's controller support or DS4Windows you will get PlayStation prompts in game, but your controller won't vibrate. This is because PlayStation controllers use DirectInput, and Xbox uses XInput. DirectInput does not support vibration in many games. I'm not sure if this is driver limitation or the devs not implementing it correctly. So to combat this Steam's controller support or DS4Windows emulates your controller as an XInput one, enabling vibration at the cost of showing you the Xbox icons.

Future Updates
  • The mod will be made for Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice as well. If there is any other game you want DualSense prompts for let me know. I'll try my best to make some in the game's style or as close as it could be.
  • I'll add different color variants depending on Sony's controller color schemes in the future. Right now I only have in mind a "classic" variant, in style with SUP3R5's retro black DualSense controller.

Thanks to Solidblade14 for helping out, and for answering the questions I had when making this mod!
Thanks to TKGP for creating and sharing DSR-TPUP!

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