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A mod that replaces the XBOX controller icons with PS4 controller icons. It uses the PS4 icons that are already included in Dark Souls Remastered.

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Dark Souls Remastered supports the PS4 controller natively and the game will even have PS4 icons. All you need to do is plug in your DualShock 4 and start the game. However, the one problem with that is that your controller will not vibrate. Why? I don't know.

The solution to this vibration problem is to fool the game into thinking that you're using an XBOX controller. You do that by using a program such as DS4Windows. However, because of this, the game will display XBOX controller icons. This is where this mod comes in.


  1. Download and extract DSR Texture Packer and Unpacker.
  2. Download this mod and extract the "font" folder to the Texture Override folder of DSR Texture Packer and Unpacker.
  3. Start DSR Texture Packer and Unpacker (double-click on DSR-TPUP.exe).
  4. Make sure the Game Directory is pointing correctly to your installation of Dark Souls Remastered.
  5. In the "Repack" tab, click on Repack. If successful, it will say: "Repacked 7 textures in 7 files!". The mod is now installed.


  • This mod replaces the XBOX icons with PS4 icons. So, if you later plan on using an XBOX controller to play Dark Souls, you won't be seeing XBOX icons. You'll have to uninstall the mod first.
  • If you are using DS4Windows, enable the "Hide DS4 Controller" setting. This is important, otherwise you'll run into some issues with this game.
  • DS4Windows must be launched and your controller must be connected before you launch Steam. Also, you must disable PlayStation Configuration Support and XBOX Configuration Support in Steam's controller settings.


In DSR Texture Packer and Unpacker, go to the "Repack" tab and click on Restore. If successful, it will say "7 backups restored".