Dark Souls Remastered
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This is a port of the Cursed Souls Mod by Sepukkake for the Switch.

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This is a port of the Cursed Souls Mod by Sepukkake for the Switch.


You need a custom firmware for this mod to work (SXOS or Atmosphere).
Place the folder from the archive into the following folder from your SD card:

/atmosphere/titles/ or /atmosphere/contents/ (Depending on which Atmosphere version you have)

It should end up like this:


You are all set! Just launch the game from the custom firmware.

If you want to disable the mod, hold X while launching the game (SXOS) or rename the files to something else.

Only tested with SXOS but it should work with any CFW with LayeredFS support.

This is NOT my mod, I just ported it.