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Changes each tier of rolling to be less punishing. Fast roll replaced with a quick dash from Bloodborne, Mid-Roll is now fast roll, fat roll is mid roll, and overencumbered uses the fat roll animation.

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This mod aims to improve rollin in DSR to make it slighlty more in line with later entries into the series. Its incredibly difficult to maintain a fast-roll in DS1 without the use of Havel's Ring ad the FAP Ring which I find limits build variety and creativity. This mod is for people who want to wear armor (either for defense or more importantly forĀ fashion) but don't want to completely gimp their ability to dodge. This mod will make the game easier since you can wear more and still fast roll.

The use of the bloodborne dash in place of a fast roll still gives those who want to pursue a lighter build some advantage to doing so. The ninja flip ring is untouched for those who enjoy using it but it has little to no advantage over the dash at this time (other than looking fly).

  • Backup existing files: 'c0000.anibnd.dcx', 'c0000_a0x.anibnd.dcx', 'c0000_a1x.anibnd.dcx' and 'c0000_a00_lo.anibnd.dcx' that are found in the 'chr' folder
  • Choose the version you wish to use
  • Extract files to your 'chr' folder in the DSR installation directory and overwrite when prompted

Compatible with eveything that doesn't modify the same files. Fully compatible with Daughters of Ash.


Fat Roll:

Mid Roll:

Fast Roll:

Dark Wood Grain Ring: