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Applies the "Superhot" mechanic to Dark Souls: Remastered. Time will only tick forward for enemies and NPCs when you move.

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~ v1.0.0 ~
Dark Souls: Remastered only. And as always: PLAY OFFLINE!

In Superhot Dark Souls, the speed of your enemies' movements is matched to yours (almost). If you stand still, they will move very slowly. If you walk, they will move a little slower than usual. If you run or dodge, they will move slightly faster than usual. This lets you use your own movement speed to control their behavior and set up skillful dodges and counter-attacks. Parries and backstabs are disabled to prevent easy cheesing, and projectiles are sadly unaffected due to modding limitations.

This mod was made as a surprise for LobosJr, who streamed it in May 2019 for his St. Jude charity fundraiser. It took him about eight hours to finish a harder version of the game (with a little bit of timely assistance from Twitch Crowd Control). The maximum speed of enemies is not quite as high as Lobos experienced, and I've made a few additional tweaks to dial the insanity down a little for other players:

  • The Four Kings' grab attack has been disabled, as it was essentially impossible to dodge.
  • Artorias's spinning slam attack deals less damage and has a smaller hitbox.
  • The Oolacile Township bonfire has been moved to before Artorias, as you'll likely need it.
  • Gwyn doesn't move quite as fast as the other enemies in the game at full speed (but you still won't be able to parry him).

This mod abuses the game engine quite a bit, and you may experience some unexpected but hopefully harmless side effects. (In LobosJr's playthrough, Griggs mysteriously rescued himself, the Bed of Chaos had no tree arms, and he was banished to the Asylum when he died to the Four Kings one time.) Let me know if you encounter any serious problems, or go ahead and post other humorous side-effects for a laugh.


Installation works similarly to Daughters of Ash, but there are no changes to the executable this time. Run the installer and navigate to your DarkSoulsRemastered.exe. The installer will backup your existing files before overwriting them. Uninstall the mod (or more specifically, go back to whatever state the files were in before) by copying the contents of pre-superhot-backup into the main folder.


The new game banner textures were created by resident LobosJr moderator soycrates. Thanks also go to AinTunez (creator of QuickSouls) for his assistance with animation editing, and to Stern for originally suggesting the mod as something that would be fun for Lobos to play on stream.