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A simple LUT which calms down ingame colors and bright spots just by a bit.

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This LUT is for those who enjoy vanilla game, but find its colors a bit too saturated, especially on low brightness.
I recommend to set ingame brightness as prescribed in settings and then apply LUT.
(on a good or well calibrated display this number will be 5, your mileage may vary).

This mod doesn't have any measurable effect on performance.
Can be used with any game, for instance ds2 with its sometimes eyeburning colors.

Lut itself is a simple -2 chroma and curves with a single point at X:192 Y:176 (subtle version has only -1 chroma)


Windows lads: I guess, rename it to "lut.png" and drop into your ReShade textures folder and then enable "LUT.fx"?
(sorry, I don't have this OS. Also, don't forget to make a backup of original file if it exists)

Linux newbies: 

  • open terminal and create vkBasalt config folder:
mkdir ~/.config/vkBasalt

  • then vkBasalt config file:
touch ~/.config/vkBasalt/vkBasalt.conf

  • open it and paste this:
#full example of this file usually can be found in /usr/share/vkBasalt
effects = lut

#change toggle on/off key to what you prefer, default is "Home"
toggleKey = F11

#specify path to LUT file, example: /home/giantdad/luts/lut_calm.png
lutFile = "/path/to/lut"

#optionally you can turn on cas or dls sharpening (costs 1-2% of performance)
#change "effects = lut" to "effects = lut:cas" or "effects = lut:dls"
casSharpness = 0.4
dlsSharpness = 0.5
dlsDenoise = 0.17

  • edit path to lut and that's it. Make sure you have "ENABLE_VKBASALT=1 %command%" without quote marks in game's launch options.


I can be found streaming here.

By the way on screenshots you can see True Minimalist HUD.