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Some maps have been modified to enrich the joy of multiplayer online playing

Permissions and credits
All added enemies in this mod are “white spirits” ,so you should turn yourself into “dark spirit” to play with “football” and other enemies.Or summoning your dark spirit friends.

Installation:Extract or copy the content to the gamedirectory.
If you want to play other mods withOlympics, just overwrite the mod folder, *except* the “chr” folder.
All joined players must install thismod correctly or the match cannot be found.


What would people’s lives be if they nolonger need to bear their duty? What will the ashen ones do in their spare
time? This mod has created a new way of multi-player game for Dark Souls III.
We remade two maps: “Undead Settlement”and “Archdragon Peak”, where you players can have a football match and an
obstacle race!

Football game:

How to enter the football field:

Preparation before the match: 
Go to the bonfire in “Archdragon Peak”. The Host of Embers, as the referee, shall summon dark spirits to hold an 1v1 or 2v2 football match.

How use the pitch:      

If you didn’t overwrite the “chr”folder, then your light attack (R1), which should’ve been fist attack, now is
replaced by kick. You can still backstab other players.
If the “football” or any player is outof the boundary, they would be re-spawn automatically at the center of the
Whenever a goal is produced, thereferee should use the banner to reset the ball and start a new round.Obstacle Race :
Themap of the race is this: 

Preparation before the race
Make sure the Boss, Curse-Rotted Greatwood, is alive during the race, and doors of the track are open. The Host should summon dark spirits at the bonfire in “Undead Settlement”. Dark spirits should go to the bridge near the starting point to obtain the buff that grants infinite FP buff, one by one. (This process must not be skipped, even when you used other mods to lock FP.) How to use the circuit: 
Use the statue at the starting point to open the gate. Players should go to the bridge near the starting point to get the infinite-FP buff. If players accidently fall out of the track or lose all their HP, they will be respawned at the last check point they reached.If everything is done, the time to start is up to the referee. You can also make your own rules: FFA, or group competition, up to you.Acknowledgement: Thanks to my peers 神奇的猫,A七百二十八,and the author of “The Convergence”,TigerG1992. I used one of obj from this mod to construct theseplaces.  


Mod安装方法:解压,并复制到游戏根目录中,如果要和其他玩法mod兼容,打开文件中的“ football”文件夹,将除了“ chr”文件夹之外的所有文件夹覆盖到你所要兼容文件夹中。所有参赛选手和裁判都必须安装好本mod才能正常游玩


特别感谢:神奇的猫, A七百二十八以及The Convergence的作者TigerG1992,我使用了一个该mod中的obj文件以建造场地