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Bloodsouls is a overhaul mod. This mod currently adds 200 new weapons, 30 new spells, 7 new bossfights and fully edited maps and im even working on making a brand new map from scratch!

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Bloodsouls dev streams

HEY! wanna see this mod being worked on and be made live? come check us out mon-friday from 3pm to 8pm (link above)...sometimes weekends.

Patreon: you can become a in game npc or even make your own weapon/boss! 


I am on a break! this is a lot of work and i need a mental break for now thanks!


Discord: https://discord.gg/aGjKeCSQu8

OTHER NEWS: We no longer have a team so it is “Papa Appa” working alone on the mod with help from
-mimes making breakable OBJ
-C handling discord for me
-mysterious powers sharing his retargets
-Mayhem trolling me and sharing his retargets

1.0.5 (in progress)
-weapon names and lore and icons
-Arduous Midir
-Fixing vordt textures and making into a actual boss
-Necromancy Rakuyo
-Necromancy in all maps
-Design 10 more necromancy spells

1.0.6 (plans)
Lady Mariah bossfight
Guts Bossfight
New Bloodborne enemys
remake ariendel bigger 
Establish new first area of  the new map

Hey there. Im appa.. Main and only dev behind bloodsouls. lets go over a few things.

If you wanna support me i made a patreon: https://www.patreon.com/BloodSouls

1. The mod is a WIP. 

throughout your travels of this mod youll find some items not finished, bugs, swords with no name/icon/description/spells that one shot.

ive only really edited the crypt,  demons respite church of faith and anor londo. 

Anor londo has some insane map edits to it already and church of faith has some even bigger ones as well

these massive map extensions and edits will be comming to almost every map but i need to fix add other stuff first.

2. Why am i  so weak in the start?

i simply used late game enemies from base game.

this means they already have more hp, absorbtion and i did not edit the hp or these stats in anyway.

so this said, the weapons are not weak or unbalaced you just need to upgrade your weapon. YOU CAN GET A +9 BEFORE GOING TO EVEN THE FLAME LURKER AND SUCCUBUSS FIGHT

if your one of the ones saying that the weapons are unbalanced then you need to hate on base game because i have not edited them yet for damages in my mod.

this mod is meant to be very very hard. without adding new moves to every npc wich is impossible for one person. i chose to make the area dark and scary so its hard to see and use late game enemys so when your first start out your going to be weak. your going to get one shot. 
all of this is intended. if you dont like the dark for 2 maps, then leave. im not changing it.

3. The music.

Im a metal head. dont like the metal? delete the sound folder. boom your woes and hate can be expunged from both our lives <3

4. How long till the mod is done? no idea.

5. Please please please. make sure you have BOTH the DLC's installed for this mod to work. 

6. Make sure your on the latest update so your not reporting bugs that dont exist.

im sorry if i didnt answer your question yet, have a great time playing bloodsouls.

Bloodsouls is a very hard dark souls3 overhaul mod. If you want to be tested, this is the mod for you. 
*****************THE DOWNLOAD TUTORIAL IS RIGHT HERE**********************

                                                      Info on mod:

So whats new? Well. i put in about 150ish brand new weapons from all the way back from demon souls all the way to bloodborne including ds1,2 and even sekiro.

We have necromancy where you can summon undead versions of foes to fight for you! (its a new 4th school of magic)

We have old areas revamped via my creative image. darker areas, new object to break, new map parts like altars, badass huge skulls and best of all
i am and am working on massive map extentions to existing maps. ( my current project is making land wrap all the way around the cathedral of the deep essentially doubling the size of the map) ive also made dangerous high rise sections to anor londo and various other map edits around the game

We have about 50 new spells so far i think and more are comming. 

New bosses in areas, Master level bosses called arduous bosses id reccomend not trying to fight them until sl 200 or higher. (vordt can be found via a hidden teleport in highwall) arduous gundyr is in the dark shrine but will be getting a new custom arena soon.

We have a new dragon form from ds2. all dragon forms come with a respective element and 4 stones as well and a ring and a custom weapon. 

im constantly working on this mod and updating it. i stream on youtube and in discord. id enjoy if youd join the discord to get a proper and up close spot in the mods development as i post daily updates, videos, streams and i even teach people how to mod like i do!

Want total map remakes from top to bottom making a insane new feel and atmosphere?

What about arduous vordt?

Can you defeat arduous gundyr?

Bloodsouls: Judgement of ash ( A dark souls 3 overhaul)

What does bloodsouls add to dark souls 3?
*Adds on to areas for more places to explore in every single map
*Arduous Boss system (remade bosses from the ground up that are meant for master level gameplay only!)
*New weapons not from the souls series
*over 150 weapons from all previous dark souls games including demon souls!
* Brand new necromancy 4th class of magic has been made to summon foes to fight for you!
* New consumables 
* New armor sets from berserk, Black desert online, bloodborne and even new ones are comming


Brand new boss weapons?

Custom opening movie? 

Entire new dragon system with 5 dragon forms, custom dragon weapons and 4 stones for each transform! 

Be sure to join the discord for help, to stay up to date with what im working on next! Discord: https://discord.gg/kMbrWgv3vZ

Big thanks to everyone at servername for anwsering my dumb questions for almost 2 years now.
Elfonze for his c0000 skeleton (modified from his) and his enemey reskin mod
The entire staff and meow for making such great 3rd party tools as
animation studio by meow
-yapped by tkgp
katalash for making ds tools and mod engine.
aintunez for making the most irritating tool dark script haha
take this link to go visit the home of modding and you two can meet these people and learn form the best.
oh also mayhem for his enemy retargets <3 
maxthemiracle for some weapon and armor ports
Servername: https://discord.gg/64sEQfUf5n

Also thanks to my og team on this mod from almost an entire year ago. you might not be here with me now but i got this boys.