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Allows you to apply 6 cosmetic glowing eye effects onto your player(Eg. Red Eyes) & to set your phantom color to any pattern you like. A unique feature of this mod is that other users of the mod will be able to see the eyes and phantom color you currently have equipped while in online play.

Permissions and credits
Please remember to read the "Is this safe to use online?" section before installing this mod.
This mod has two key features:

Followers of the Enchanted Eyes - Cosmetic Glowing Eye Effects
This feature allows you to apply 6 glowing eye effects from the game:
  1. Red glowing eyes(Found on various tough or tough versions of enemies throughout the game)
  2. Yellow glowing eyes(Found on the "Deep Accursed" mob)
  3. Blue glowing eyes and frost mist(Found on the "Outrider Knight" mob)
  4. White glowing eyes and dark fog(Found on the "Irithyll Slave" mob)
  5. Orange foggy eyes(Found on the "Pontiff Beast" mob)
  6. Flashy light purple eyes(Found on special dog mobs in the game)
These can be applied and removed at will, and can stack with each other(Mostly, one or two may be incompatible).
These give you no gameplay advantage, they have been modified to be purely cosmetic.

Followers of the Enchanted Eyes - Custom Phantom Colors for Dark Souls III(DLL Only)
This feature allows to set your phantom color to any pattern you would like. You can directly edit the values of your phantom color's glow and color on different layers.

Can other players see my eyes?
These visual effects don't display on the character properly without any mods, and because of this I've designed the mod to make the eyes only visible to users of the same mod. This way, when you fight your friends or encounter them or other users in the game you will both see each other's currently toggled eyes.

Can other players see my custom phantom color?
Other users of the DLL version of this mod can see your phantom color pattern and the changes you make to it in realtime. You will also see their phantom color pattern if they choose to have one on.

Is this safe to use online?
A week has passed since release with several using the DLL version and I haven't gotten any complaints, so it's most likely safe. However if you don't want to take any chances I'd recommend creating an alt and using a mod like Honest Merchant to upgrade your character.

The CE version has been used by several people I know for weeks and is 99.9% confirmed safe(Of course .1% unsafe for plausible deniability).

Installation Option 1: Default Installation
  1. Unpack your game with UXM(https://www.nexusmods.com/sekiro/mods/26) if you haven't already. You can alternatively use mod engine.
  2. Overwrite the files in "chr" with the mod files
  3. (Optional but highly recommended) Overwrite the files in "sfx" with the mod files
  4. Move D3DCompiler_43.dll & EnchantedEyes.ini into the Game directory. This is what allows you to apply the effects to your character in game.
Step #3 is optional but highly recommend, it allows any visual effect to display in the game without having to visit the area that effect is from first.
This is a large file however so I made it optional.

Installation Option 2: Lazy Load(Incase you have another mod that uses D3DCompiler_43.dll)
  1. Option 1's steps 1-3
  2. Move D3DCompiler_43.dll into the dllMods folder which is found in the game directory after installing Lazy Loader(https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/677), if another mod you are installing is also named D3DCompiler_43.dll simply rename either of them to anything else and place them both in the dllMods folder. Move EnchantedEyes.ini into your game directory.

Installation Option 3: CE Alternative 
  1. Option 1's steps 1-3
  2. Download Cheat Engine 7.2 and launch EnchantedEyesCE.ct with it. Open the table while the game is running and use the headers to choose which eye effect you want equipped.

How to use ingame
For the DLL version open EnchantedEyes.ini, set what options you want to be on and off at anytime and your changes should be instantly reflected ingame.
For the CE version look at Installation Option 3: CE Alternative step 2.

If you choose to not install the sfx mod as well to view any visual effect in the game, you'll have to visit the areas which each eyes are from every start of your game to view the corresponding eye visual effect:
  1. Red eyes: High wall of Lothric
  2. Yellow eyes: Cathedral of the Deep 
  3. Blue eyes w/ mist: Road of Sacrifices, you might need to open the door through undead settlement.
  4. White eyes w/ fog: Irithyll of the boreal valley
  5. Orange foggy eyes: Irithyll of the boreal valley
  6. Flashy light purple eyes: Irithyll of the boreal valley

Install & use guide & showcase video
Coming soon!

This mod should be compatible with almost every Dark Souls III mod except for likely PVP Watchdogs & PyreProtecc. This is because they both possibly change code in the same place to make the eyes work properly over the network with other users of the mod.

Beta Limitations
I believe I verified that this mod is purely cosmetic and has no side effects that people could abuse online. However, since this mod hasn't had a public release yet, it's very unlikely but still possible that I could be proven otherwise. I made the mod's current version with a mechanism to expire after January 20th 2021. Future updates should not need this feature as it will be proven that this mod is not exploitable.

There is also a known crash issue. This happens most commonly when applying effects 3 & 4 at the same time and going on a loading screen. This is not a limitation of the game but instead some sort of undefined behavior problem I'm still looking into. Let me know if it happens super often to you even when using one effect at a time.

  • Q: I can't stack effects with the CE version!
  • A: This is currently a limitation of the CE version, I might change it soon to let you stack multiple.
  • Q: The eyes glitched out in the CE version and are stacking.
  • A: Toggle all of them on then whatever is left off
  • Q: I installed the DLL/used the CE table but the eyes aren't showing!
  • A: If you see a white/purple burst when using the hotkeys with the DLL, it is working. If any of the CE buttons get checked when you click them, it is working. If you don't see the eyes still this probably means one of two things. 1: You didn't install the chr mod correctly by unpacking then patching your game with UXM so the eyes IF they appear at all just appear as 1 on the floor. 2: You did install the chr mod correctly but didn't install the sfx mod.To solve #2, you can rather replace the file in the sfx folder or if the download is too long for you, use the guide under "How to use ingame".