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This mod replaces the Knight set with Kairi from Kingdom Hearts III, and changes the "Young" female voice to hers.
Also replaces a handful of weapons with the Destiny's Embrace Keyblade (details below), two of which have custom movesets, with associated starting classes so you can use them from the beginning.

Permissions and credits
Important Fix in v1.03

As of Kairi Mod v1.03 (and beyond), there should be no issues with save data corruption errors.

If you used a previous version and your data got corrupted, you'll have to manually delete the save from your computer, usually found at this directory:
C:\Users\(Your Name)\AppData\Roaming\DarkSoulsIII\0110000104453a47
(AppData is a hidden folder so go to View->Check Hidden Items in your file explorer window)

It is the file called DS30000.sl3 (possibly DS30000.sl2 or both, depending on if you edited the modengine.ini file that comes with DS3 Mod Engine).

Mod Overview

Equip your character with the full Knight Set to change them into Kairi. If you have a female character with the "Young" voice, they will also sound like her.

Equipping one of the following weapons will let you use the Destiny’s Embrace Keyblade:

Longsword (Custom moveset)
Cleric’s Candlestick (Custom moveset)
Lothric’s Holy Sword
Gael’s Greatsword
Storm Ruler

About custom weapons:

Destiny’s Embrace (Attack Form)
Equip the Longsword for this agile, melee-focused build. It comes with a built-in Silvercat Ring effect, letting you quickly traverse areas without taking fall damage (from non-lethal drops). Has a straight sword moveset, with the Blade of Peril Weapon Skill from Gael’s Greatsword, allowing for some fast, stylish combos. Passive FP regen and reduced stamina consumption on swings let’s you get a couple more hits in, and use your Weapon Skill with impunity. When two-handed it acts as a rather impressive shield that can fully block any type of attack, though its low stability makes turtling risky.

Other adjustments from the Longsword include improved STR/DEX scaling, and increased poise so you can’t be hit out of the Weapon Skill as easily.

Destiny’s Embrace (Magic Form)
Equip the Cleric’s Candelstick for a versatile spellcasting build. Can cast any type of spell, be it Sorcery, Miracle, or Pyromancy. Normal attack swings the Keyblade while strong attack uses Magic. Weapon Skill is Sacred Lothric Light [only difference is you press normal attack while in the stance, instead of strong attack]. It gives you 3 extra attunement slots so you can mix things up, and FP regeneration to keep the magic coming.

Also improves the Cleric’s Candlestick’s base damage and scaling.

Custom Starting Classes

Make the most out of this mod by starting a new game as either a Knight or Cleric. The Knight starts with DE(Attack Form) and the Horsehoof Ring. The Cleric starts with DE (Magic Form), a Sage Ring, and 5 spells (including some rare ones).

Starting spells:
Great Combustion
White Dragon Breath
Lightning Arrow
Soul Greatsword
Divine Pillars of Light

Stat requirements have been adjusted so the Cleric can cast them immediately.
[The knight also starts with these in their inventory: they just won’t be able to use them until they get a catalyst and the proper stats.]

Known Issues

-Because of the way starting classes work, you won't have all of your spells equipped at the beginning, though they will be in your inventory. Either wait until you get to Firelink Shrine to attune the other spells at the bonfire, or:
1) Start a new game as a Cleric.
2) Quit out and delete the old save file.
3) Start a new game as a Cleric again.

This should give you all 5 spells equipped from the start.


Sticklove on Deviantart for the models
katalash for DS3 Mod Engine (required for this mod to work) https://www.nexusmods.com/darksouls3/mods/332

Software used:

DSSI (Dark Souls Sound Inserter)
Autodesk Maya