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About this mod

This mod seeks to allow players to get almost any item that they desire
(at a fair price of course)

Permissions and credits

How to use:
  All gestures are performed by the Honest Merchant; who is the corpse
  by the gate that needs the tower key in the Firelink Shrine.
 --Point down: Opens Honest Item/Magic/Ring shop
 --Point up: Opens Honest Weapon Shop
 --Wave: Opens Honest Armor Shop
 --Bow: Opens Honest Fully Unlocked Infusion Menu

Additional features that need to be turn on in the ini file are:
 --Point forward: Opens Honest Respec Menu
 --Rest: Opens Honest Alter Appearance Menu
 --Joy: Opens Honest Undead Match Menu (this opens offline too but fails to find a match)

How to install:
Note: By using this mod, you agree that you own/have access to DLC1 and DLC2
1) copy HonestMerchant.dll and honestMerchant.ini into the same folder as DarkSoulsIII.exe
2) rename HonestMerchant.dll to dinput8.dll
2a) if you already have a dinput8 based mod, you can rename that file to 
    otherMod.dll and load it with Honest Merchant in the
honestMerchant.ini file by setting dll=otherMod.dll
3) enjoy

Known bugs:
-Progressing quests that reveal more of a shops inventory can sometimes not update the shop. To fix this simply relaunch the game. 


Q: Does this work on consoles?
A: No, I have no plans to try and figure out how to even move this to a console.

Q: My copy of the game isn't the retail steam copy of Dark Soul 3, will it work?
A: I have no idea, I only support the steam licensed version of Dark Souls 3.

Q: Can I install other mods with this mod?
A: Mods that don't add additional weapons/items/armor should be fine (example: wexdust is fine since it replaces repair powder) mods that do add items may make this mod display invalid or corrupt items. This isn't absolutely true but more of a guide, since I cannot test every mod, nor do I plan to.

Q: Can this mod ban me?
A: In testing CE versions of this mod and previous and current revisions of the dll. None of the accounts involved have been banned across the weeks of testing, so 99.99% sure this is safe to use, 0.01% unsure for plausible deniability.

Install Video:

Other Creator's Videos:
-iamamish's video

Thanks to NapStarF for letting me include his holy quote in the mod.