Dark Souls 3
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About this mod

Overhaul mod for veterans, withnout unnatural stuff with bloodborne addition content.
Mod offer to players increased difficulty, but fair with melee based combat. Many core system are reworked / removed.

Inspiration was Bloodborne, but we have different way howto.

Permissions and credits

As we said, mod is for people who like a challenges, magic is more like a support and we also add Bloodborne like content, that's why our mod is big in term of size.

Mod offer overhaul in many aspect, changed difficulty, status effects, scaling of weapons, reworked infusions, magic using Curse system insteed of mana.
We using many others mods which improve ours, you can see bloodborne weapons from hunter combat, new music, hud ui and more, armor sets, guns and more..

Enemy placement is changed and every map have different atmosfere, because of new lightning in all maps, ceremony too.
To have motivation visit maps againts in ceremony version, we bring some mini bosses into game, which drops unique materials for leveling your weapons ( bonus 2 levels ) and some cool new items.

Bosses have different stats, poise and inflict to player aux effect, some of them have companions. Classes are revamped same as gifts and we have enhanced blood, which is more red - shiny.

Adjusted magic for curse system, lower amount of bolts - arrows, pine resins are much better, covenant farming more easy, because vanilla system is a bit meh.
Visit articles for more information.

Use this mod only offline or you will get ban.
By default blockNetworkAccess is 1 (offline) in modengine.ini.
You can use Family Share ( again working ).
Make backup of ur save files and start game with fresh character.

Copy game folder data to your game data folder ( if you have others mods, just put from game data hollow mod folder to ur game data and write correct adress in modengine ).

Delete row where is "Hollow mod" in modengine.ini or delete all folders etc.

Special Thanks to:

Lenox for BB UI.
Dashima for Minimalistic HUD.
Meowmaritus for beta FXMLRDS3.
Forsakensilver for Hunter Combat mod.
Cyclolock for Darker mod inspiration and core of ours.
UncleBARD for firearms and some BB sets.
MaxTheMiracles for BB weapons.
Papa Appa for Map Studio Addons.
Nexon45 for BB music.
El Fonzo for models.
Cyanic99 for Harder bosses.
TKGP for Yapped.
Katalash for modengine.
Don't forget Endorse and support this creators and get full version of theirs mods, install them, enjoy.
but in short