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Adds visual effect on infused weapons.

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Modified Cheat Engine table that adds the visual effect of a consumable buff to an infused weapon ("elemental" infusions only). The chosen effect depends on the type of infusion (see table below).


As this mod is based on Cheat Engine which modifies the content of a running game, there is a risk of getting soft banned for using it.
Playing in offline mode does NOT guarantee against soft banning. You need to disable your internet connection or add inbound and outbound blocks in your firewall for DarkSoulsIII.exe (I chose the latest and didn't received any warning... yet).

In any case, use this mod only if you know what you are doing, and do not blame me for the consequences.


1. Launch Dark Souls III.
2. Launch Cheat Engine.
3. In Cheat Engine, attach the DarkSoulsIII.exe process.
4. In Cheat Engine, open DS3_VisualInfusionEffects_vX.CT.
5. In Cheat Engine, select "Last Weapon Highlighted" then check below "Script" nodes.
6. In Dark Souls III, go to inventory and highlight at least 1 second the infused weapon to apply the effect on it.

The change is not visible if your character is already shown equiped with the weapon when you do the toggle. You need to un-equip then equip the weapon again to make it effective.


infusion  | buff effect

Crystal   | Pale Pine Resin
Fire      | Charcoal Pine Resin
Chaos     | Charcoal Pine Resin
Lightning | Gold Pine Resin
Deep      | Human Pine Resin
Dark      | Human Pine Resin
Poison    | Rotten Pine Resin
Blood     | Carthus Rouge

Known issues:

Some of the following might be solved in future versions of the mod.

The duration of the effect is limited to 60 seconds (same as for the target effect ID). It is refreshed once the weapon is un-equiped an re-equiped though.
I find that limitation to be not that bad actually. After some time the effect can become annoying; in my opinion, it's better if it shows only for some limited time to indicate which infusion the weapon has.

As noticed by drayquan in the comments, the effect is not only visual but actually act as the real buff for the 60 seconds duration after the weapon is drawn.

I haven't added effects for the "non-elemental" infusions such as Raw, Sharp, Heavy, Refined, and to the Simple, Blessed, Hollow ones. I haven't found any satisfying effects to match these types yet.

Change logs:

- v1.0: initial release


- Cheat Engine
- igromanru for Cheat Engine guide and original table
- Malcolm Reynolds for hosting the Master Spreadsheet with the effect IDs