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My personal Re Shade preset for Dark Souls 3

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How to install - 

1. Reshade is now included with download. (It's an older version). If you know how to install reshade move to step 2 or read 1.1 to install reshade.

1.1. Click Large rectangle box and select the darks souls 3 exe. Select Direct 3D 10/11/12. Yes to install and close. 

2. Now copy the reshade shaders folder and the ends beginning config settings file. 

3. Paste the contents into Your DS3 folder - This PC > Local Disk (C) > Program Files (x86) > Steam > Steam Apps > Common > DS3

4. Yes to overwrite

5. Start game 

You can open the Re Shade menu with the (HOME) key and you can toggle the preset on and off with the (END) key.

If you don't like one of the effects for example border then simply deselect it in the menu.

Depth of Field (READ)

The DOF in the screenshot is actually created with Nvidia overlay. To use this make sure overlay is enable in GeForce experience and when in game 
press (ALT + Z) to open overlay effects and select the DOF preset. The settings I used for the screenshot is just the vanilla settings.

Performance: If you're just able to hit 60 fps at your desired resolution then you will maybe need to move down a resolution. If you have some juice to spare then 
you should not have any issues. I can get 60fps at 1440p locked max settings with a 1070ti. Compared to some of the more recent pre-sets that have been uploaded this would be classed as light weight lol. 

Any issues please leave a comment and if you like my pre-set please endorse :) 

Thanks !