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Enemy randomizer for Dark Souls III, even multiple enemies

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This mod can randomize things below:
Normal enemies
Bosses (-o or -m arguments required)
NPCs (-f or -a arguments required)
Multiply enemies by 2~9 times (-2 ~ -9 arguments required)

It randomizes these characters by modifying map files directly, thus, once installed, no more operations are required
Note that randomizing Bosses and NPCs is a little different from randomizing enemies, it won't change their position, but clone them and randomize these clones. And defeating these clones rewards NOTHING. It's not on purpose, rather limited by Dark Souls III game engine
However, if you want to enjoy a more exciting and tough journey, it might be a considerable choice

Incidentally, since I'm not a native English speaker, please tolerate grammar mistakes, you can also report them in Posts
  • Download UXM from Nexus or JKAnderson/UXM
  • Unpack DS3 with UXM
  • Run StraySouls.exe
  • (Optional) Type backup to back up original map files
  • Type random to randomize enemies
  • Patch with UXM, remember to quit DS3 before patching
  • Enjoy a new journey!
For example, "Input<<random -m -o -3" means randomize normal enemies including main and optional bosses but keep friendly and aggressive NPCs, then multiply these randomized enemies by three times

If you had backed up
  • Run StraySouls.exe
  • Type restore
  • Pack with UXM
If you hadn't
  • Vanilla files are available in OnSlaught
  • Replace files in ..\DARK SOULS III\map\mapstudio\ with vanilla files
  • Pack with UXM
Replace means that you SHOULDN'T delete other files

Since this mod doesn't modify your save file, it shouldn't get you penalized. But it's just an assumption according to the description of UXM

Q. Is it compatible with OnSlaught?
A. Yes, if you use the version after and including v0.1.3-alpha, multiplying function is available by using -2~-9 arguments, Otherwise drag the files from OnSlaught to mapstudio folder first before randomizing
Q. Is it compatible with any regulation mods (Irregulator etc)?
A. Yes, they modify the Data0.bhd file, there shouldn't be any conflicts
Q. Is it compatible with CE scripts (Item Randomizer etc)?
A. Yes, they modify at runtime, and this mod changes files directly

This mod is still under construction. There might be some nasty cases which I haven't met.
Prepare to use some technology (CE etc) to deal with them.

To get further information, see my GitHub repo: Jacks8n/StraySouls