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About this mod

You thought Dark Souls 3 was well translated?

Every piece of text in the game has been run through Google Translate a bunch of times with random languages to make it almost incomprehensible.
Includes a completely new voiceover with unique voices for many of the main characters.

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces all the text and all character voicelines with a worse better translation of them.

It includes around 18.000 poorly translated pieces of text of which over 2000 are fully voiced by different text-to-speech engines.

The intermediate languages have been randomly selected for each individual translation, so the text quality ranges from somewhat comprehensible to completely incomprehensible.


  • Unpack and patch the game with UXM
    There should now be various folders in the Game directory, including msg and sound.
  • Extract the folders from the downloaded archive into the Game directory.
    Same place where the previously unpacked folders with the same names exist.

This mod should override 19 of the unpacked files, including 14 sound banks and 5 text archives (or 16 without the DLCs installed).
Affects only the text of the English language setting.

To remove this mod again, you can choose the restore option in UXM. (But why would you?)

What's been translated

Almost everything is translated and voiced, except:

  • The tutorial messages that include icons (e.g. button prompts)
  • The credits
  • The intro video voiceover
  • The voiceover of the cutscene where you're teleported back to Lothric Castle mid-game


This mod exists in part thanks to the following people:


I published the source code for the translation generator on GitHub.
Feel free to generate your own translations!