Dark Souls 3
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The goal of this mod is to change the starting classes of Dark Souls III so that they make more sense. Classes are mapped to one or more meta builds to make them useful. Their attributes have been carefully allocated so that classes are symmetrical and balanced, and their equipment has also been tweaked.

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Dark Souls III meta builds revolve around choosing a combination of Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Intelligence (INT), and Faith (FTH). This mod changes the starting classes of the game so that they are balanced towards those combinations.

There are also Luck builds in this game. Because they are crafted by adding Luck points to an existing build, they are not covered by this mod, but supported by having every class start with the same Luck points.

This mod can't change the description of the classes on the character creation screen, since there aren't any modding tools that are able to do that. This makes it a bit confusing to choose a class by just looking at the list of names. Instead, look at the right side of the screen, where the character, its attributes, and its equipment appear.


All classes have 90 points in total at SL1 and the attribute allocation would be as follows:


Worker and Sellsword must use their starting weapons with both hands at the beginning of the game, and they have no shield.

Longsword, Knight Shield, Knight Set.
Worker: Great Wooden Hammer, Worker Set.
Sellsword: Sellsword Twinblades, Sellsword Set.
Northerner: Battle Axe, Round Shield, Sorcerer's Staff, Northern Set, Magic Weapon.
Paladin: Crescent Axe
, Kite Shield, Talisman, Chain Set, Force.
Assassin: Rapier, Target Shield, Sorcerer's Staff, Assassin Set, Soul Arrow.
Herald: Spear, Sacred Bloom Shield, Talisman, Herald Set, Heal Aid.
Sorcerer: Shortsword
, Small Leather Shield, Sorcerer's Staff, Sorcerer Set, Heavy Soul Arrow, Magic Weapon.
Cleric: Morning Star
, Blue Wooden Shield, Cleric's Sacred Chime, Cleric Set, Heal, Force.
Pyromancer: Hand Axe, Caduceus Round Shield, Pyromancy Flame, Pyromancer Set, Fireball, Great Combustion.

Builds and Use Cases

The following list shows which builds are optimal for each class:

Knight: STR+DEX
Worker: STR
Sellsword: DEX
Northerner: STR+INT
Paladin: STR+FAI
Assassin: DEX+INT
Herald: DEX+FAI
Sorcerer: INT

Cleric: FAI

Pyromancer: INT+FAI


You should copy the Data0.bdt file to your game installation directory and choose to replace the existing one.