Dark Souls 3
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A Cheat Engine script designed to make enemies more aggressive.

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UPDATE: In order to better manage my files and improve the ease of updating them, I'll no longer be using this page and instead
have released a compiled version of several of my scripts here:

This is a Cheat Engine script. I do not guarantee that it is safe for use online. If you choose to play online while using this script, you do so at your own risk. For your own safety, it is probably best to stay offline, and make sure to keep a backup save in case you are given the Invalid Game Data warning.

The Aggression Mod is a Cheat Engine script that increases the distance from which enemies become aware of the player, the range from which they will run to attack the player, and how far from their spawn point they will go when chasing the player. Additionally, it has a special effect modifier that, by default, gives enemies glowing red eyes. You can choose to disable it, if you don't like it, or use the modifier to give enemies the effect of the Obscuring Ring instead, in case the increased Aggression wasn't enough for you.