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Stop moving, your health depletes rapidly. If you keep moving, your health is untouched by my mod.

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Pretty simple Challenge Mod, nothing too fancy, but it keeps you on your toes. 

When you're standing still, your health will decrease rapidly, when you're moving, your health will not decrease. How much health is taken away and how fast is dependent on your Vigor Level. Your Estus is also capped at 5 total.

Do keep in mind this mod is a Cheat Engine Script, meaning you will need Cheat Engine to use it.

 1: install Cheat Engine 6.6 or 6.7
 2: download my mod
 3: extract the contents of the zip folder
 4: double-click on the .CT file provided by my mod
 5: Click the box next to "Open" This will attach CE to the Dark Souls III Process for you
 6: Click the box next to "Don't Stop Moving" This will active the mod. 
 7: Try not to die, I guess.

This really shouldn't ban but you never know with Fromsoft, use at your own risk, I am not responsible for you losing your online privileges.

This "version" is an update to my previous one, as I made a horrible mistake in making it, and it was pretty darn broken. Your health would only deplete if standing still in a certain circumstance. This has been corrected and the mod now works as advertised. 

1: The mod doesn't start until your play-time reaches 30,000. This is because of the beginning cutscene, health is loaded and active during this cutscene so my mod would take away health regardless. 30,000 is how long it takes to complete this cutscene, so if you skip it, be prepared for the mod to hang for a bit before your play-time reaches this value. Then the mod will start, and continue working throughout the rest of the playthrough.

2: Your Estus is capped at 5 total. Bone Shards can still upgrade the amount healed, but once you hit 5 total Estus, that's it.

Pebbles for providing tests when needed, and giving awesome feedback and suggestions on how to improve the mod. 
Coinsworth for being just an incredibly awesome and patient person in general.