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A darker souls experience

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I know that someone will not read the instructions so I am typing it here as well.  Some of the locations require you to
disable the HDR effect in reshade or else it will look terrible in those locations.
It's very simple to do and you can even assign it to a hotkey.  All instructions on how to do so are in the installation section of the video.

Unkindled Ash
The purpose of this mod is to create an entirely different atmosphere from the vanilla game.  I decided to go with a very stylized atmosphere for Unkindled Ash.  Very strong lighting with desaturated but more appealing colors.  Keep in mind that my mods are very intended to be heavily stylized and are not meant for every person. Comments such as  "This ruins my immersion" will be ignored as everybody has a different idea of immersive.

As stated earlier, locations such as Achdragon Peak and the entire Ringed City DLC need you to disable the HDR effect.  The instructions to do so are below.

1. Manually download the newest version of the Unkindled Ash mod and extract it wherever you like.
2. In the .zip foler, run the reshadesetup.exe file (you do not need to go to the reshade site to download the newest version)
3. Click on "select game" and navigate to your Dark Souls 3 folder and double click your Dark Souls 3 exe (Dark Souls 3 > Game > DarkSoulsIII.exe)
4. Click on Direct3D 10+ and then download all effects.
5. Drag and drop ALL files (excluding the reshade setup) from the zip folder into your Dark Souls 3 > Game folder.
6. Open the game and if you see a message at the top of your screen for Dark Souls 3 then you did it right (it will be glitchy for a few seconds upon opening)
7. press Shift+F2 and click on the plus sign on the Reshade overlay and type "Reshade" without the quotation marks and press enter.  This will activate the reshade.
8. Reopen the rehsade overlay (shift+F2) and click continue until all the effects are listed.  Find the HDR effect and you'll see the option to set a hotkey for the effect.  Choose your hotkey and then press the x on the top right of the reshade overlay to close it.
9. Die a lot.

Again, the areas where you need to disable the HDR effect are Archdragon Peak and the Ringed City DLC.