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Randomises all the items found in the game. Optional mod to automatically equip items when you pick them up.

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If used online, this mod can ban you. Please do not use this mod on any account you care about. Bans are now permanent.

This mod will randomise almost every item in the game, both items found throughout the game and items dropped from enemies. I was inspired to make this mod by the previous Dark Souls games having randomiser mods for them and saw how much more variety and replayability they add to the game.

There is also an optional script which will automatically equip weapons, armour and rings as soon as you pick them up, in their appropriate slots.


This is the main part of this mod. Unlike other randomisers in the previous souls games, this one will draw from a pool of every item in the game -- Regardless of whether it can be found normally or not. Note that there are a few key items in the game that are not randomised.

Once you get an item, the item will be removed from the pool and you won't be able to get it again, note there are more than 1 of certain items (such as embers and resins). There is a save/load feature included to preserve your progress if you wish to use it. If you do not save your progress then all items will become available in the pool again, including key items such as NPC ashes. Please note this randomises items AS YOU GO, therefore you need to save it at the end of every session.

Soft-lockable items are not randomised.

Weapons have a chance to be normal,  infused, reinforced or both with this randomiser. The way this works is you cannot get a reinforcement level higher than your maximum, for example if you've only had a +4 weapon normal weapon as your highest upgrade, you can get anywhere from +0 to +4 weapons from drops.

There are 1360 items on the list - when this is exhausted it will refresh itself to avoid crashes.


This part of the mod is optional, but requires the randomiser to be active. This part of the mod, as it's name suggests, will automatically equip any armour, rings and weapons that you find.

This part of the mod was kept separate because not everyone will want to use it, it adds more a significant challenge to the whole game as you have to adapt to your current equipment. There is also a script to remove all requirements from all weapons should you wish to use it.

The script will cycle through ring slots, so the ring you've had on for the longest will get replaced by a new that you pick up ring.


Q) I dropped some titanite/boss souls and it re-rolled it when I picked it up.

A) Yes, there is no way around this. Any items not visible to invaders online when dropped (such as titanite and boss souls) are handled the same way as normal wild items. 

Q) Does this mod work with pirated/old versions of the game?

A) No, these have different memory structures to up-to-date, legitimate copies of the game and the mod won't work properly. If you are worried about soft-bans on your main account then I suggest that you play on an alternate, family-shared steam account.

Q) How does the save/load feature work?

A) The save/load feature must be used to avoid repeats of key items, you must use the save script provided while the mod is still active once you have finished playing. When you restart your run, activate the mod as normal and then use the load script to load the file you saved earlier. This will retain the current list of items you have gotten so you do not get any duplicates.

Q) This mod uses cheat engine - Will it get me banned?

A) Yes it is possible to get banned using cheat engine in Dark Souls III. I recommend you play offline but still cannot guarantee your account will not get flagged. The nature of the mod can potentially give you key items before you're *supposed* to get them. I strongly recommend you use an alternate/family shared account if you're worried about your main account becoming flagged.

Q) The auto-equip script crashed my game!

A) I've tested this script for over 200 hours and haven't experienced a single crash. However it seems that it works perfectly for some but not at all for others, I am working on a potential fix for this script which will come with the final update.

Q) Can I use the auto-equip script on its own?

A) No. It relies of components of the randomiser script.

Q) What *doesn't* it randomise?

A) This mod, as of v2.00+ will randomise every item apart from 22 key items. These items are needed to progress.

Q) I have a question not listed here/ have identified a soft-lock problem! 

A) I am happy to answer any questions and will happily fix softlock problems that are reported. I appreciate it. v1.05 should address most softlock problems, but I will promptly fix any that I have missed when they are brought to my attention.

Q) The mod keeps crashing.

A) The mod seems to run either perfectly, fairly well or not at all for some people. I can only assume that the game has a problem with the amount of memory I've had to allocated for the mod. The latest version of the mod is much more efficient, but I do not have a direct fix as of yet.

Q) What is the "Item Count" option?

A) This isn't an option, it just acts as a counter to track how many items you've picked up. It can be useful to see if a load has been successful, other than that it's just for information.

Instructions for use

1) Download and extract the .zip from this page.

2) If you don't have it already, download Cheat Engine

3) Open the "DS3-Item-Randomiser.CT" file

4) Open Dark Souls III, activate the "Open" script to begin. More instructions are included in the table if you are having problems

5) Activate the "Item Randomiser Mod (V3.X)" script

6) Activate the "Randomise Item" script.

7) (Optional) Activate the  "Equip what you pick up (optional)" script.