Dark Souls 3
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I've spent quite a while working on these saves, the goal is to be able to make ANY build you want without replaying the game again because you used all your respecs and titanite slabs.

Permissions and credits
New Saves Added [7.14.17] DLC Items Included

Megamule #1 - The Wanderer

Soul Level 7
IGN: Wanderer
All bosses defeated
All bonfires unlocked
All items/weapons/armors/rings/etc. obtained
Boss souls haven't been used, contains some boss soul items from people gifting them
No weapons upgraded
No estus upgrades
Everything is in item storage

Megamule #2 - The Wanderess

Soul Level 6
IGN: Wanderer
All bosses defeated
All bonfires unlocked
All items/weapons/armors/rings/etc. obtained
Boss souls haven't been used, contains some boss soul items from people gifting them
No weapons upgraded
No estus upgrades
Everything is in item storage

1. Download the save manager utility >>http://l3g.space/files/SystemTest/?Main_Page:Dark_Souls_III
2. Launch the game, don't press anything and don't log in
3. Launch the utility and select "patch" and "allow integration"
3. When it's finished replace your save with the one you downloaded 
4. Log in & load the save

After 51 thousand downloads I have ever only received TWO reports of peoples accounts being flagged
it is my assumption that these flags are completed unrelated to my save as 2/51000 is a weird 
number of people to flag for using the exact same save
(Currently a lot of people are getting the invalid data message with the 2 latest saves, I'm looking into whats causing this)

All previous saves [mentioned below] are still available for download but they are outdated
If you find any missing items in the saves let me know in the comments

[All Information Below Is Outdated]

#1. Ashen One

Information about this save -

ALL weapons (besides boss weapons)
ALL boss souls
ALL armor sets
ALL pyromancies (besides boss pyromancies)
ALL spells (besides boss spells)
ALL miracles (besides boss miracles) (actually I forgot to grab atonement)
TONS of upgrade items 
TONS of gems
ALL bonfires unlocked
ALL respecs remaining
(Starting class is warrior, could be changed with external programs if looking to min-max but I wouldn't risk the chance of a ban)
(Characters name is Ashen One, could be changed with external programs and I've tested changing it with CE on another account and the account wasn't banned, but there is always a risk modifying anything so if you really want to I suggest doing it on a Steam Family-Shared account, and not your main)

This is NOT a "megamule" the character starts off at soul level 100 with every boss defeated, the focus of this save is primarily making PvP builds (though you could use it to enter NG+ and so-forth)
The use of external programs such as Cheat Engine and trainers were not used in the making of this save, item duplicating exploits however were. (all of the accounts I've used the save on have not received the invalid data error, so I do not believe the exploits are detected/they aren't ban-worthy)

The current state of the world is as follows -

NG not NG+
Orbeck of Vinheim is dead
Yuria of Londor is dead
Anri and Horace are dead
Yorshka is dead
Sirris is dead
Greirat is alive but has only been on 1/3 lootings
All ashes have been turned into the shrine maiden, with the exception of Orbecks which were given to Yuria
Dark sigils have not been cured (to make luck builds possible)
The fire has not been linked

Here are the steps to install this save -

1. Make sure you have at least TWO characters currently on your account
2. Back-up those characters if it's important to you
3. Launch the game and stay in the main menu
4. Open your DS3 save folder C:\Users\you\AppData\Roaming\DarkSoulsIII)
5. Copy the DS30000.sl2 you downloaded here over the one in the folder titled a random string of numbers
6. Go back to the game and load the second character

#2. Chosen Undead
Information about this save -

This save is a bit different from the one above, I beat the game without leveling up besides the 5 free levels you have to get from Yoel and I didn't upgrade ANY weapons.
This character is very similar to a megamule but it has beaten all the bosses and doesn't have any hacked or exploited items, this save only contains upgrade materials bought/found/farmed legitimately. That applies to any of the other items other than weapons or armors that were given to me from friends.
The character is male and the name is Chosen Undead, as I said above these can be changed but I don't really recommend doing so unless you're fine taking a risk.
World state is almost identical to Ashen One with the exceptions being I never killed Yorska and Greirat went on all 3 lootings and his ashes are now turned into the shrine maiden.
Starting class is warrior. SL 12.

#3. Undead Hero
Information about this save -

This save is pretty much in every way identical to the one above but the character is female and starts as a knight instead of a warrior, which I found was pretty useful in lowlevel PvP since it gave me access to more weapons because of the extra dex it has over warrior.

If you're trying to install Chosen Undead or Undead Hero the steps are the same as Ashen One but you only need ONE character and you need to select the FIRST character.