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Adds dynamic shadows, removes player lantern, torch now casts shadows, removes blue point lights throughout the world, increases the base contrast of the game (not monochromatic anymore!), better water reflections, light based on actual light sources, and coming soon: removing baked lighting as well.

Permissions and credits
Things this mod does:
Adds dynamic shadows to almost every object in the game (grass, rocks, buildings, etc.)
Disables the player lantern
Alters the game to be more contrast-y and less monochromatic
Fixes DS3's annoying geometry pop-in issue
Restores Geometry that was always in the map, but not set to actually be visible for some reason (Statues before Yhorm boss room is one example)
Removes unneeded point lights not based on an actual light source (DS3 LOVES blue point lights)
Adds shadowcasting to the torch. will cast shadows on player and surrounding game world
Adds shadowcasting to most torches/light sources in game world.
Adds much more of the game world to the water reflections

Things this mod doesn't do:
It's not a reshade preset. Just engine tweaks. 

Does this mod work online?
I personally have played online the entire time making it and haven't had any issues. But there's never a 100% guarantee with any souls mod.

Download UXM and unpack your game files. Then click "patch"
Just copy the folders from my mod to you DS3 game folder and overwrite.
In game brightness, I recommend lower than the default 5. I personally play with it set to 1. But, your mileage may vary!

Delete map, sfx, param folders.
Open UXM and click on unpack. OG "map" folder is now back.

Credits: DSMapStudio team, yabber, Trivia for her insane DS3 knowledge, ?ServerName? discord for endless knowledge

I do have a Patreon for google drive links, ad free versions of my YT videos, and pictures of my cats too! // ko-fi: