Dark Souls 3
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A program that automatically creates backups of Dark Souls 3 save games.

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Dark Souls 3 Save Game Backup Tool
by svaalbard (aka insane0hflex)

A program that creates backups of save games of Dark Souls 3 every 15 minutes (can be customized between 1 minute to 59 minutes using the Time Interval setting). There is no limit on how many saves are backed up, so manually delete old back ups at your discretion to free up some hard drive space.

Back ups are created in the following format (hours in 24HR military time format):


Like so: 5_2_2016_10_03__DS30000.sl2.bak

Virus Total report for v3 release (5/5/2016)

Important note: Do not delete or remove the DarkSouls3SaveGameBackupTool.exe.config file. This stores the time interval setting. It must be in the same folder as the DarkSouls3SaveGameBackupTool.exe file.

Restoring a Back Up

Using the program:
You can restore a save by using the "Restore a Save" button feature. NOTE: THIS WILL DELETE YOUR DS30000.sl2 FILE AND REPLACE IT WITH THE BACKUP FILE YOU CHOOSE!!!

To restore a backup, delete your DS30000.sl2 file and rename the backup of your choice to DS30000.sl2. Google how to turn on file extensions if you have any issues.

GitHub page (if you want to star it or build from src or whatever)