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Features :
- GemFX
- Dynamic DOF
- SweetFX
- camera movement

Include optionals files for enable/desable certain effects.

Permissions and credits
Extract the ReShade folder and the files ReShade.fx and dxgi.dll in Dark Souls 3 / game.

For the dynamic DOF and lens flare work:
 You must play 1080P or may be in the resolution of your screen if you have a 4K monitor or other than 1080P. The DSR Nvidia problem with these two options.

I you put optional files. If you want to install one of these optional features, copy the corresponding file (GemFX.cfg or CustomFX.cfg or McFX.cfg) in ReShade folder. Use copy / paste to replace my basic preset file.

Basic, my preset contains:
- Dynamic DOF
- Lens Flare
- Camera movement  (improve the play of light and give a nice effect)
- No fake DOF

SHORTCUTS to enable / disable certain effects:
- NumPad 1 to enable / disable ReShade (colorimetry, sharpen, etc ..)
- NumPad 2 for ambient light
- NumPad 3 for bloom
- NumPad 4 fake DOF
- NumPad 5 for camera movement
- NumPad 6 DOF dynamic
- Printed screen to take a screen

If you want to focus the fireballs and other lighting effects to the detriment of the skies (but nothing abused, it remains in the desired spirit). Open the GemFX.cfg file with notepad. This file is located in the ReShade folder. Look for these lines in BLOOM:

#define fBloomAmount 0.8
#define fBloomSaturation 0.8

and put this instead:

#define fBloomAmount 2.0
#define fBloomSaturation 1.0

In game, the brightness should be at 5. By the end of the game, the sky turns orange with the eclipse. At that time, put in brightness in game 7. Adjust according to your screen.