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A CE table for making life more interesting.

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UPDATE: Added the Weeping Angel mod.

This is a Cheat Engine script. While I have not personally been banned for using it, I do not guarantee that it is safe for use online. If you choose to play online while using this script, you do so at your own risk. For your own safety, it is probably best to stay offline, and make sure to keep a backup save in case you are given the Invalid Game Data warning.

This is a collection of CE scripts I've made for Dark Souls 3 designed to make the game more difficult, more interesting, or just more different.

First Person Cam & Aggression Mod
These are existing mods I created that I've chosen to include as part of the table for the sake of convenience.
The First Person Cam alters the perspective of the player, as well as hiding the player's body.
The Aggression Mod increases the range from which NPCs will notice the player and their persistence in chasing the player.

Third Person Shooter Cam
The Third Person Shooter Cam emulates the camera style of games like Resident Evil 4 to match with the gameplay of the gun mod.

Topdown Cam
The Topdown Cam places the camera above the player looking down, like an old-school arcade style adventure game.

Barrel Souls
Every non-player enemy is given the effects of Chameleon.

Size Modifier
Allows you to change the size of the player character. Hitboxes and movement distance are affected by playersize, so the changes you see are effective in gameplay.

Speed Modifier

Allows you to change the speed of every character globally, including the player, or just the player's speed individually.
Also includes a "Timestop" script, freezing enemies and visual effects in place for the illusion of stopping time, and a Speed Randomizer, changing the speed of the player and enemies at random.

Lighting Modifier
Allows you to change the strength of some ambient light values, as well as including a Darkest Souls preset for a very low visibility nightmare style game mode.

NPC Stat Modifier

Allows you to increase or decrease the HP, damage, and defenses of every NPC. You can choose to make the game a nightmare, or even tone down the difficulty if you feel the need to.

Skeleton Swap
Used to change what model skeleton the player uses. It's a bit complex, but could be fun for some people.

Jojo Script
Simulates having a Stand by using NPCs to attack for you.

Weeping Angel script
Enemies on-screen become frozen, but immortal, and enemies off-screen get boosted speed.