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An overhaul focused on expanding the player's moveset and options, as well as providing a number of quality of life improvements and miscellaneous changes

Permissions and credits
Reforged is a moveset overhaul mod, focused on expanding the player's options to give more versatility in combat. The main way this is accomplished is by expanding the ways that the player can perform inputs in order to do new attacks and maneuvers. Below you will find the changes made in several areas, which includes some non-moveset changes I felt were fun.

With the restoration of online to DS3, the resulting update is incompatible with ModEngine and other resources used. As the user, you have a few options:
-If you haven't already, not update DS3.
-If you have, downpatch DS3. The link will take you to an instruction page. If you still need assistance or would like a visual guide, see the video section.
-If you don't want to downpatch, wait until ModEngine and this mod are updated.****

****There currently exists an updated version of ModEngine and HoodiePatcher on the ?ServerName? discord. You can find the experimental updated ModEngine dll in the mod-announcements channel by Katalash and the updated HoodiePatcher dll in the tool-and-resources channel by NamelessUncertainSomeone. Note that certain ModEngine features will not function such as alt saves.

-New standard attacks added to movesets and Forward R1 attacks have been revamped for all classes to be actual attacks.
-Backstep Attack: Press R2 during a backstep, this move is generally an alternative type of running attack.
-Heavy Left: Press L1 during an R2 charge, must be 1H or wielding a paired weapon.
-Block Heavy: While 2H and blocking, press R2, an attack designed to interrupt enemy attacks.
-Sprint turns cancel faster now and have Roll and Backstep attacks as followups.
-Left hand movesets have been expanded and now mirror the right hand moveset more, featuring running/rolling/backstep attacks.

´╗┐L3 Input
-Now considered a standard input, like R1 and R2.
-Performs Kick as new default action.
-Still performs jump when performing Running + L3.
-Press L3 during an R2 Charge/Stance: Bash, a body attack to interrupt an enemy's attack.
-Press L3 while aiming or readying a ranged weapon: Melee attack.
-Press L3 while running and locked on: Slide, lets you duck under attacks while maintaining momentum, and allows you to pass through enemies.
-Press L3 while holding down the sprint button and not running will perform your running L3 action with a small startup.

-Timed Block: Raise your guard at the correct time. A Timed Block gives more stability, guard absorption, and deflection.
-Press R2 while having your guard struck: Counter, a boosted version of your Roll attack.
-Pressing R1 or R2 while blocking can give additional options, depending on if you're 1H or 2H.
-Pressing R2 while running and blocking will perform the Backstep attack of the main hand weapon.
-(2H) Pressing R1 while blocking will perform the Forward R1 of some weapon classes, while others will require running.

Left Hand Attacks
-Weapons now attack with L1 and perform the main hand weapon's WA with L2.
-Exceptions are Curved Swords/Rapiers/Fists/Claws, which Parry with L2.
-Torches still block with L1 and attack with L2.

Specific Weapon Changes
-Multiple weapons such as dual weapons have had some moves changed.
-Carthus Curved Sword now has Stomp, Irithyll Straight Sword now has Warcry, White Hair Talisman now has Unfaltering Prayer (Saint's Talisman strength).
-You can 2H bare Fists, Dark Hand, and Pyromancy Flames.
-Dark Hand's WA is capable of grabbing enemies.
-Weapons now display guard deflection value, undead damage bonus, and hollow damage bonus.
-Catalysts have expanded movesets, and Talismans/Chimes/Flames share a moveset.
-Halberds, Torches, and certain thrusting weapons can perform Shield Pokes.
-Ranged weapons perform a melee attack when attempting to shoot with no ammo.
-(1H) When off hand is empty, your L1 inputs perform main hand attacks.
-Whips in the off hand also perform main hand attacks in running/roll/backstep situations.
-Aquamarine Dagger and Friede's Scythe have special dodges during their Stance.

-Light equip load dodges are replaced with Sekiro dodges while locked on.
-Light equip load movement is 10% faster.
-Backsteps now have iframes.

Spellcasting and Items
-Spell and item usage is now more mobile.
-Certain spells will shoot out of the tip of shorter catalysts.
-Certain catalysts are capable of casting more schools, with some having unique animations for other schools.
-Added several new bundle type items for the other damage types and bleed.

-Horsehoof Ring now also enables special kick attacks if your left hand is empty.
-Carthus Milkring now also quickens ranged weapons firing and recovery.

-Now have several extra service options, unlocked by possessing certain items.
-These have the same options as their Firelink counterparts, and upgrade when they do.
-Note that the Shrine Bonfire does not have these services.

-Specific armor pieces will boost the damage of body attacks
-Many armor pieces will combo differently with others

-While 2Hing, you can hold the 2H button to 2H the weapon in the other hand
-Giant Man-Serpents can be backstabbed
-Dragonslayer Armour can be riposted
-Added several unused armor sets to various shops and progression
-Added dropped weapons to various shops and progression
-Rosaria should no longer have a limit of rebirths, you just need a Pale Tongue
-Controller users can hold Interact while pressing R1/R2/L3 as an alternative to Forward/Hold Sprint input
-Added "Skeletal" age option, "Silent" voice option, and no eyes options to character creation

Known Issues
-Battle Axe with the Refined Infusion does not display its Deflection stat. (It is not changed just so you know)
-Dark Arrows do not have their maximum capacity increased to 199 like all other ammunitions.
-Brigand Twindaggers 2H R1-3 repeats into itself when pressing R1.
-Body attacks deal unintended amounts of damage to low level enemies, making them much stronger than they should be.
-Timed Blocks do not currently have a visual/audio indicator that it has occurred.
-Judgment Shard applies its visuals to the right hand weapon if applied to a left hand weapon and you are one handed.
-Flameless Shrine bonfire does not have the extra service options.

1. Place the contents of the zip file in your DARK SOULS III Game folder. If asked to replace modengine.ini or hoodiepatcher.ini, do so.
2. Ensure that your Jump and Dodge inputs are not set to the same button/key as each other, or else you will run into issues.

1. Compatibility with Cinders/Convergence/other mod?
-Unfortunately, overhaul mods do not play nice together as the game simply does not support easy merging by design. Therefore, any compatibility/merging would need to be manual, which is a massive amount of work and time.

For providing me with a space to tinker in, endless insight and knowledge, and being the best co-modder I could wish for:

For supporting me all the way, offering valuable feedback, and being a great bunch to hang around with:
-Hat Skeleton
-Richard Longflop
-Great Mighty p0

For their knowledge and expertise on params and various scripting systems:

For the Bloodborne and Sekiro animations graciously provided:

For the deeper knowledge on behavior systems:

AnimStudio: Meowmaritus
HKX editor and Mod Engine: Katalash
Yapped and Yabber: TKGP
Paramstudio: Philiquaz
HoodiePatcher: NamelessHoodie
FLVER Editor: ForsakenSilver