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A server hosting/loading tool to use while the Official servers are down.

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NEW VERSION, OLD ONE DOES NOT SHOW ACTIVE SERVERS ANYMORE - https://github.com/TLeonardUK/ds3os/releases

 Dark Souls 3 - Open Server
 Original post - https://github.com/TLeonardUK/ds3os
Before running any executables, please install the files in Prerequisites 
first, these are C++ runtimes required to run the executables, without 
them they may not run.
Contained in this folder are 2 executables.

-- Loader.exe --
This tool allows you to launch Dark Souls III in a way that allows you to join 
an unofficial server. All you need to do is open the Loader, set the path 
to your DarkSoulsIII.exe (normally somewhere in your steam directory),
highlight (click) a selected server to join and then proceed to launch the game
with the "Launch game" button at the bottom right corner of the tool.

-- Server.exe --
After you run the tool it will start a dark souls 3 server, which when launched will save 
a file to Saved\server.ds3oconfig, this file contains configuration settings 
and cryptographic keys that allow other users to join the server. You should 
open this file and modify the Name, Description and Hostname settings your
server. If you do not have a hostname that points to your computer use your 
external IP address (the one you find from visiting sites like 
The server accepts connections on ports 50050, 50000 and 50010 by default. If 
the computer you are running the server on is behind a router you will likely
need to modify your router to port-forward TCP and UDP on all of those ports to
allow external people to connect. Guides to doing this are numerous and available
online. If a person is unable to join the server through the regular Loader.exe method
he should be given a .ds3oconfig file that describes the server to connect to.

Be warned, while it does not currently seem to occur, no guarantee is made that 
your account will not be soft-banned on official servers if you use this tool.
It would be wise to use a family-share account or a similar disposable account 
when using this. If the worst comes to be, you can follow this guide
in the "What to do if you get banned" section to appeal an unban for your account.
We strongly recommend playing with BlueSentinel protections to avoid any malicious encounters, as we live in dark times.
Play at your own risk!